Thursday 14th of December 2017
In Presence of Ustad

You lie, you are not the lover of Ahlulbayt

Excerpted from the one the books of Professor ...

Professor Ansarian: Garrulity and unnecessary speech and words

Talkativeness and uncalled for speaking are one of the ways by which the heart dies and good spiritual mood is taken away from us. The Holy Prophet (PBUPH & HP) says: " if you were not addicted to excessive speaking, whatever I can see from the heavens, you could see as well and whatever I can hear, you could hear too".


Muhajj al-Bieza: 2/125

Professor Ansarian:The Ahlulbayt are the pure lights and are concerned about the Shiites' hereafter


Professor Ansarian: the merciful and evil effects of disasters and tragedies

If the stricken person tears his clothes, injures his face and also his head and other parts of his body, such affairs are considered as the devilish effects of the blight. But if he cries due the grief and sorrow he has deep down in his heart, it never conflicts with the essence of ...

Let’s not be like those who have removed Allah from their lives.


Professor Ansarian:The wise man and the fool one

A wise man always evaluates what he wants to say and he never says a word without first evaluating it carefully, but the fool man is the other way around, and he speaks without thinking and evaluating his words, and his personality is hidden under his words. in other word, the wise man first thinks then speaks, but the fool man is not like this, he first speaks and then regrets about his words.

Professor Ansarian: The real Pious me

The real religious person is the one who is sensitive about doing the obligatory acts and they prioritize nothing over them. Imam Sadiq (peace be upon him) says: the most pious people are those who perform the obligatory acts.

Professor Ansarian:Controlling Anger

Anger is the key to all evil and the eternal order of the Prophet of Mercy towards his nation has been controlling anger. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH & HP) says: The wrath is of Satan and Satan has been created from the fire, and the fire is turned off with water, so if one of you gets angry, he can perform Wuḍū (ablution).

Professor Ansarian:The Chastity

The Lord of the universe has placed chastity within human so that it can overcome evil desires and illegitimate pleasures. Imam Ja'far Sadeq (as) says. The best worship is chastity.

Al-Kafi: 125/3

Professor Ansarian: the misfortunes that humankind suffer are the result of his misconduct


Professor Ansarian: two wings of piety and resorting

In order to conquer the peak of success, man needs two wings of piety and resorting.

Professor Ansarian: One of the signs of negligence

One of the signs of negligence from Allah is the fading of the sweet taste of worship and prayer. Imam Sadiq (peace be upon him) says: The first sign of negligence is not feeling the taste and pleasure worships.

Mesbah al-Sharia: 30

Professor Ansarian: Relying upon patience

The one who relies upon patience in the face of tragedies and predicaments will have the sweet result of triumph.

Imam Jawad (peace be upon him) says: "depend upon patience in life”.

The essence of patience (Professor Ansarian):page 13

Professor Ansarian: Anger and wrath

Anger and wrath are signs of weakness and meanness of character.

Imam Hadi (AS) says: "The wrath of the rulers indicates their disability and being angry at servitors signifies turpitude and baseness."

Mustadrak al-wasa'il (book): 12/12

Professor Ansarian: The Epithet of Imam Ali (AS)

The epithet of “the Commander of the faithful” is worthless to anyone other than Imam Ali (as), even the other Infallible Imams have not been allowed to have this epithet. The messenger of Allah has given this epithet to Imam Ali (AS) and has said: whoever names himself “the Commander of the faithful” after Imam Ali (AS) is cursed.

Professor Ansarian: The truth of Quran and Ahlulbayt(AS)

The real revelation of the Holy Quran is the one volume book we have, but the heavenly truth of this book is the existence of the Ahlulbayt (AS), who are never separated from the Holy Quran.

The reason for these two treasures and valuable heritage of the Messenger of Allah (PBUH) is that both are the truth, and the truth is never separated for the truth.

Professor Ansarian: The serenity and adornment of the tongue

The serenity and adornment of the tongue is to imprison it in the jail of silence.

Imam al-Kadhim (peace be upon him) says: reticence is a great wisdom, because it is a good way that brings about the lightness of sins and committing less sins.

Bihar al-Anwar: 78/321

Professor Ansarian: Divine test and afflictions


Professor Ansarian: The completion and perfection of Islam is linked to Mahdism

The completion and perfection of Islam is linked to Mahdism; as it is mentioned in a prophetic hadith that the failure to recognize the Imam and the divine authority at any time is the cause of the retreat and return of human to the era before the advent of Islam and the ancient ignorance.

“He who dies and does not know the Imam of his time dies the death of ignorance”.


Professor Ansarian: Conquering the peaks of success

 To conquer the peaks of success, is to closely bond with the holy Quran and the Etrat. He moves with the Etrat and gets energy for the holy Quran. So be with the holy Quran and Etrat.