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The companions of Imam Hussein (as) are on the summit of honor and privilege

After Imam Hussein (as) asked for a respite from enemy the night of Ashura in order to perform divine worship, he gathered his companions and after a great sermon, he told them: " I lift up from you the responsibility of the allegiance and oath (which you have sworn at my hands). The darkness of the night has enveloped you, thus free yourself from the whirlpool (hiding) in the waves of darkness and disperse into the villages and cities, until Allah bestows relief upon you. For these people desire me only, and after having laid their hands upon me, they shall not pursue anyone else.” Even Imam Hussein (as) commanded to turn the lights and candles off so that no is would be ashamed of escaping.

But every single companion showed his loyalty to Imam Hussein (as) and never stopped helping his Imam; then Muslim bin Ausaja arose and said: " if the enemies take away my weapons, I will attack them with stones until I die." Then Sa'id ibn Abdullah Hanafi stood up and said: "If I am burned seventy times and become alive again, I will never cease to help you."

They were transformed into a ray of divine light with unparalleled faith and endurance, which joined the galaxy of the Light of God (Sayyid al-Shohada).



source : erfan.ir
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