Friday 15th of December 2017
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Professor Ansarian: Paradise is the reward of the self-controlled people

There was a woman who lacked piety, faith and inner beauty said to a young man in her neighborhood that she fell in love with him, the woman asked the young man to date her and have an affair with her without paying anything because the woman was loaded and affluent. The young man who was full of lust but his intellect and heart was under the guidance of the lord of the universe simply rejected the woman and said: if I have an affair with you, do you know what will I miss? the woman said: what will you miss? the young man recited the following verse of the Surah of Ali 'Imran (وسارعوا الی مغفرة من ربکم وجنة عرضها السماوات والأرض اعدت للمتقین) “Hasten to obtain forgiveness from your Lord and to qualify yourselves for Paradise. Paradise, vast as the heavens and the earth, is prepared for the pious”, the pious people are those who are self-controlled, in other words, I won’t have this relationship with you and this rejection means piety. The young man said: if I do so, I will miss the forgiveness of my Lord so as the paradise which is as vast as the skies and earth, this is called a moral, spiritual and pious act. It is also referred to as a pure life whose architect is the lord of the universe. The Allah Almighty says: the paradise which has the vastness of the skies and earth has been prepared for the pious people- those who control themselves against the sins.

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