Monday 18th of December 2017
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Professor Ansarian: the complaints of the holy prophet (PBUH&HP;) from the nation.

Professor Ansarian said about the kind complaints of the Prophet (peace be upon him and his progeny) from his own people and nation: the people of the prophet’s nation made his so much reproachful, of course the complaints of the prophet are the kind ones, in one case he said: O Allah! These people neither understand the truth nor know it; even if I am reproachful about them, don’t take hard on them and forgive them. If we want to understand the reality of the holy prophet (PBUH&HP) and his essence and existence, our intellect must be able to digest these four narrations: "what Allah has created first was light"; "what Allah has created in the first place was intellect"; " what Allah has created in the first place was pen "; " what Allah has created in the first place was my light ".

He also added: The prophet (PBUH&HP) is a truth, light and pen of knowledge, guidance and values, and Allah has written everything with this pen and has lit everywhere with this light.In the tree of nature, human is its highest branch, and the highest fruit of the universe is the intellect in man, and the prophet (PBUH&HP) is the total intellect. Man does not understand form where and from what angles to watch the Prophet!

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