Wednesday 21st of March 2018
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Professor Ansarian: The Prophet of Islam (PBUH&HP;) alone is the entire divine Prophets and the whole verses of the holy Qur'an

Professor Ansarian: The Prophet of Islam (PBUH&HP;) alone is the entire divine Prophets and the whole verses of the holy Qur'an

Professor Ansarian said: sometimes, we see strange issues in our narrations; for example, Imam Musa b. Ja'far al-Kazim (as) recited three verses about the repenters which is also quoted in the second volume of "Usul-Al Kafi" and then said: If Allah grants the benefit of one of these three verses to all beings, the verse will not diminish.

Professor Ansairian emphasizing on the issue that the Prophet of Islam (PBUH&HP) alone is the entire divine Prophets and the whole verses of the holy Qur'an and added: there is no one who has become the whole and complete instance of the holy Quran for the first time.                                 

He referred to the three dimensions of religiosity and said: Faith, ethics and action are the three dimensions of the religiosity that exist in our narrations; The late Feyz Kashani (RA) quoted that a man came to Medina from somewhere else, then he came to the prophet’s house and knocked the door, one of the wives of the holy prophet opened the door, the man said:” I have a word with the prophet, the wife of the prophet said:” the prophet has passed away for a while, the man said: I don’t need him, but I have a question about him: tell me about his ethics and morals, his wife said from behind the door:” I cannot tell you about his ethics and morals, If you want to know about the Prophet's ethical points and facts about him, I'll give you a guidance: All his existence, all his identity, all his appearance and his essence was the Holy Quran; so if you understand all the Qur'an, you understand the Prophet. If the Almighty Allah wants to spread the ray of  Prophet’s  (PBUH&HP) grandeur, love, ethics, worship and actions and also give it our in the form of energy, the entire universe won’t have the capacity to take it.

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