Sunday 17th of December 2017
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What is generosity?

The woman said: this is what the people of this world do it. The woman asked about the traits of generous people: they said: being patient in worshiping. The woman asked: for the hope of reward: they said yes, the woman said: despite the following verse, this is a slave trade:

[مَنْ جاءَ بِالْحَسَنَةِ فَلَهُ عَشْرُ أَمْثالِها].

Whoever does something good, the reward will be ten times more than what was done as a good deed.

The people asked about the woman,s idea of being generous, the woman said: to my knowledge, generosity is a trade or deal with Allah Almighty not for the hope of paradise or fear of hell, or not for the reward or fear of punishment.

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