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Peace be upon you, O virtuous and pure

Peace be upon you, O virtuous and pure

It has been narrated in most authentic books and in most authentic narrations that:

A man come home from work, he seemed distraught and his wife asked the reason, the man said: today I thought about the hereafter and the resurrection days in my store, and thought to myself, where am I going to be at that day? In the heaven or hell? I had no answer for it, I was so depressed, now I have come home with panic, anxiety and confusion and beg you to help me, and his wife said what can I do for you?

The man said: go to Hazrat Zahra (AS) because she is totally aware of the facts and ask her my aftermath and destination.

The woman wennt to the house of Hazrat Zahra (as) and said all her husband,s speeches. Hazrat Zahra (as) responded: tell your husband, if you have lived both your spiritual life and worldly life based on Holy Quran, you certainly go to Paradise and won’t be chastised by the divine punishment.

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