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The benefits of participating in the scientific meetings

The benefits of participating in the scientific meetings

One of the very useful and beneficial worships is participating the scientific meetings.

The meetings in which human beings get to know the Lawful and unlawful things of Allah Almighty as well as the high moral issues and get acquainted with the divine teachings. Those who attend such meetings are subjected to Allah’s forgiveness.

The Prophet PBUH says: if someone dies on the way of attending such meetings, it is as if he is martyred. Perhaps by participating in such scientific meetings a complete transformation occur in their life.

Quranic verses and Islamic traditions is much more effective than any medicine.

A very astute and powerful thief and robber whose cunning and astuteness made all Aaron officers hopeless and their effort to arrest him was to no avail. Once by hearing a verse from the holy Quran at midnight changed him in a way that after thirty years he had theology and religious class for people.

With all the good and positive effects that such scientific meetings have, there are still some people who are reluctant to participate in such meetings, although they have plenty of spare time. This reluctance is derived from unlawful food, carpet, house and clothes.


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