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Dua for Imam Mahdi, peace be on him

Dua for Imam Mahdi, peace be on him

O Allah! We ask of Thee to favor us with the gift of being obedient to Thee, and Detach us from being disobedient to Thee. Bestow on us being sincere in intentions; and Provide us with the knowledge of what is sacred.

O Allah! Honor us with guidance and honesty, and Direct our tongues to what is right and wise; Fill our hearts with comprehension and knowledge, and Cleanse us from the forbidden and doubtful.

O Allah! Prevent [our hands] from committing oppression and theft, Lower our gaze [out of modesty] from the immoral and disloyal, and Block our ears from hearing the vain talk and slander. Endorse our scholars with the gift of piety and fitting advice, and the learning ones with hard work and desire to learn.

Bless the listeners [to Thy scholars] with wisdom and compliance, and Impart recovery and comfort to the sick ones from illness and disease, and bless the dead among them with kindness and mercy.

O Allah! To our old people, award dignity and peace of mind, To our young people, confer repentance and turning away from sin, and To our women, bestow modesty and chastity.

O Allah! Supply the rich with humility and abundance; and the poor with patience and contentment. Let those fighting in Thy way be victorious, and the imprisoned be freed and unfettered.

Let the rulers be just and kind and the ruled be fair and with good conduct; Bless the ones on pilgrimage with abundance and support, and help them complete what is obligatory on them.

With Your Grace and Kindness, O Most Kind, Full of Grace!



source : www.abna.ir
امتیاز شما به این مطلب ؟

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