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Sheikh Abbas Qomi

Sheikh Abbas Qomi

He got the opportunity to attend the lectures of great scholars and remained under the tutelage of the esteemed teacher Mirza Husain Noori (R.A) till the latter expired in 1320 A.H.

Al-Haaj Sheikh Abbas Qummi (R.A) was the embodiment of abstinence and piety. He was second to none in the training of oneself, being aware of the religious laws, trying to follow the infallible Ahle Bait (A.S) in worship, obedience, caution in speech, and keeping every aspect of oneself away from the prohibitions. He used to give lectures regarding advice and admonitions, the remembrance of Ahle Bait (a.s.) and conveying the traditions of the Holy Ahle Bait (A.S). During these lectures tears would flow from his eyes to the extent that they would moisten his beard.
The esteemed author of 'al-Zareeah', Sheikh Aqa Buzurg Tehrani (R.A) says regarding Haaj Sheikh Abbas Qummi (R.A): 'I have found him to be a role model, possessing great knowledge. He bore a quality that made everyone who came to know him, like him. His behavior was excellent and his demeanor very humble. His personality was noble and honorable and had the rare combination of knowledge and piety and strict abstinence. I stayed with him for a good period and was therefore close to him.'
Sheikh Abbas Qummi was always involved in teaching and training, and wrote extensively with such interest that nothing could deter him from continuing this good work. He has authored numerous works in Arabic and Persian, some of which are listed hereunder:
1. Safinatul Behar wa Madinatul Hekam wal Aasar
2. Al-Kuna wal Alqaab
3. Al-Fawaid Al-Razawiyyah fi Taraajame Olamaa Al-Jafariyah
4. Mafaateehul Jinan (which is unparalleled for its popularity in the Shia world)
5. Madinatul Ahbaab fil Maroofeen bil Kuna wal Alqab
6. Muntahal Aamaal fi tarikh al-Nabi wal Aal (this book is translated in Urdu as Ahsanul Maqal)
7. Tatammotul Muntaha fi Waqaae Ayyam al-Khulafa
8. Al-Anwarul Bahiyyah fi Tawaareekh al-Hojajil Ilahiyyah
9. Baytul Ahzan fi Masaeb Sayyidatin Niswan
10. Al-Ghayatul Quswa fi Tarjomate Urwatul Wusqa
11. Kohlul Basar fi Seerate Sayyadil Bashar
12. Manaazelul Aakherah
13. Nafasul Mahmoom
14. Hadiyatuz Zaeereen
Sheikh Abbas Qummi (R.A) passed away in Najaf on Tuesday the 23rd of Zilhajj 1359 A.H. He was laid to rest in the courtyard of the holy shrine of Ameerul Momeneen (A.S) in the same chamber as his teacher Mohaddise Noori (R.A). May Allah shower his mercy on both of them.

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