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Hazrat Abbas (A.S) in Hazrat Mahdi‘s viewpoint

Hazrat Abbas (A.S) in Hazrat Mahdi‘s viewpoint

The great peacemaker, Imam of the Time, Hazrat Mahdi (AJ), Al-Qaim of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) Household, describes his uncle, Abbas (A.S) as follows:
“Peace be unto Abulfazl, Abbas Ibn Amir Al-Mo’menan, the great sympathizer of his brother who sacrificed his life for him in the way of Allah; who selected tomorrow’s spiritual gains from the day before; who was a devotee to his brother and protected him; the great man whose hands were cut off when he tried to take water for his brother. May God damn his killers.”

Imam Mahdi (AJ) identifies and praises the characteristics of his uncle, Ghamar-e- Bani Hashem who was an honor for the Adnan. Some of the noble qualities having deep roots in his personality are as follows:

1. Sympathizing and accompanying his brother, Seyyed al-Shohada in the hardest and most difficult conditions; it was such that his empathy turned into a proverb throughout the history.

2.Thinking of the hereafter and taking provisions of virtue and self-restraint as well as helping the Imam of guidance and light for the hereafter.

3.Sacrificing his life, his brothers’ and children’s lives for the sake of Allah along with his brother Imam Hussein (A.S), and the master of youth in Heaven.

4. Protecting his immaculate brother by sacrificing his own life.

5. Making attempts to provide his brother and his household with water when the tyrant and cruel oppressors didn’t allow Prophet’s Household to have even one drop of drinking water.

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