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The virtues of Ali son of Abu Talib (as)

لوأَنَّ الغِیاضَ أَقلامٌ والبَحْرَ مِدادٌ والجِنَّ حُسّابٌ والإِنسَ كُتّابٌ ما اَحْصَوْا فضائلَ علیِّ بن ابی‌طالب علیه‌السلام!

The messenger of Islam (saw) states: If all the trees become pens and the water in the seas becomes ink and Jinn become counters and the men become scribers, they will not be able to count the virtues of Ali son of Abu Talib.

Tadhkirat al-khawass Sabt ibn aljouzi: page 3

source : erfan.ir
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