Saturday 10th of April 2021


Mass grave of ISIS victims found in Iraq's Ramadi

Director of Tehran's Int'l Quran Exhibit Hits Back at Critics

Professor Ansarian:The thieves of the people’s properties do not believe in Allah and the day of Resurrection

First martyrdom anniversary of martyrs of Imamia mosque blast in Hayatabad, Peshawar

Professor Ansarian: Be kind to your parents and treat them well

Takfiri Talibani Terrorists Martyred Shia Muslim "Tanveer Abbas Jaffri"

Prominent Pakistani Shia, Farhan Ali Waris, escapes assassination attempt in Karachi

Civilians trial in Bahraini military court final kiss goodbye to any pretense of the rule of law: Brian Dooley

Professor Ansarian: the earth is the blessing of Allah, let,s respect this blessing

World Shia Leader urges confronting enemies based on Quran’s teachings

Indian Muslims in Mumbra-Kausa demand burial ground



The Birth of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

Value of life and Ali (a.s)

Imam Husain (A.S); Qasim: The Pride and Joy

The Glorious Month of Ramadan

Master of the Day of Judgement

How does a Jurisprudent (faqih) practise the Process of Extrapolation

Why Do We Pray?

Qamar bani Hashim

Do the Shi'ah Believe in a Different Quran?

Allah Who guided us to this (path)

Islam did not rise except through Ali's sword and Khadija's wealth,


Law in Islam

Corporate Sponsored Education: The Limits Of Social Responsibility


Islamic Background of Western Renaissance

Ethics and Politics Relationship

Discrimination against Muslims at all-time high in Belgium

Terrorists' unity dangerous for humanity

Arctic Oil and Gas Rush Alarms Scientists



Imam Khomeini's philosophical character introduced in Senegal

Why are so many Muslims suddenly visiting Japan?

Zaria Massacre: Wicked bloodthirsty tyrants think by killing innocent life will ended but martyrdom is beginning of real life

Edward Said: Orientalism Revisited (25 years later)

Daily Mail revealed speculation, UK behind attack on hospital Northern Yemen

Dutch lady: 'Imam Hussain' a model of sacrifice for entire world without discrimination

Sean Stone Converted to Islam

Nigerian president Buhari breaks silence on Zaria massacre after months

Prominent Tunisian Shia scholar: We must raise awareness among Sunnis about Ghadir

The meaning of "Shi'a" in the Opinion of the Household of the Prophet

Zaria Massacre: Biafra People Condoles with Nigeria Shiite Muslims; Buhari a War Criminals


Ahlul-Bayt as the Earth Angels

Are AhlulBait (A.S) greater in status than the Prophet's (A.S)?

How was this long life granted to Al-Mehdi?

Sayings of Fatema (A.S.)

Zain Muhammad

Fatima bint Assad The Mother of Imam Ali(A.S.)

The Battle of Karbala

The Excellence of Imam Ali Bin Abu Talib (A.S)

Knowledge and Actions of the Holy Imams (A.S.)

The Ahlul Bayt (A.S.) and a Contemporary Muslim

Imam Zain al Abidin; The Secret Helper of the Poor

Hazrat Abu Talib, the Bulwark of Faith