Wednesday 20th of January 2021


Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi: Seminary students be cognizant of Islamic principles

Amnesty: At least 1,600 killed in Boko Haram violence since June

Brawl at Aqsa Mosque after Jewish settlers perform rituals

Professor Hussein Ansarian: The good wives will bring up good children.

Imam Khamenei describes efforts to foil enemies’ moves as sacred

Muslim hijab to be allowed in Norwegian courts

Permission Needed for Publishing Quran Online

Islamic Unity Means to Focus on Common Aspect

Hamas urges renewing martyr ops on Israel

Ahmadinejad: Obama Made a Big Mistake, Israel is Doomed

Islam is spread across Iran: representative of Congo



Imam Mahdi (as): The Only Path to Global Security

Rajab the Month of Divine Favors

The Quranic Emphasis

Anniversary of the destruction of the Jannatul-Baqi by Ale-Saud

Allah am appointing on the earth a deputy

Human cannot do any praiseworthy deed unless he is a believer

We Must Always Go To the Source of the Problem

What Objectives does Surah al-Hujurat Pursue?

Architecture and Building

Hazrat Fatimah's Youth

Sayings of Imam Husain (A.S.) to Illuminate Your Mind


Law in Islam

The Relevance of Islamic Ideology in Human Sciences

The Reality of Death and Its Role in Reforming the Human Soul

Sheikh Isa Qassim not among those given back Bahraini citizenship

Rules regarding will (Wasiyyat) and Inheritance

Laws of the Shari'ah and Their Categories

Statement of Ayatollah Hadavi Tehrani on Hunger Strike of Pakistani Shiite Leaders in Protest at Oppressions and Discriminations

The Holy Quran and the Infallible Imams



Stockholm Islamic Center to host recitation of Arafah supplication

Pakistan: Families of Shia Missing persons stage demonstration in Karachi / Photos

UK Muslim women face employers discrimination

El Salvadoran Shia writes book in Spanish on Muslim figures’ letters

Muslim man beaten in apparent hate crime on the way to Bronx mosque in New York

Canada's longest Muslim conference opens doors to promote multi-faith conversation

Razavi Shrine Gives Calmness: American Muslim

Muslim couple feeds Calais refugees in France for a year

Photos of Muhammad Ali, Boxing legend at holy shrines of Imam Hussain, Imam Ridha and Imam Khomeini

Swiss Student Converts to Islam at Shiite Holy Shrine in Iran

The Musalman: The Last Hand Printed Newspaper of India


Ahlul-Bayt as the Earth Angels

Hazrat Ma'soomah's (S.A.) Superiority in Knowledge and Virtue

Imam Ali(A.S) with his stories

English Nohay For Imam Husain (A.S) [5]: An Eighteen Year Old Soldier

Brothers in God

Fatima-The Withering Rose

Short Sayings by Imam Ali (a)

Evidences for Imam Ali’s Guardianship

The Excellences of the Imam Husayn in Sunni Hadith Tradition

Ali’s spiritual virtues are related to faith

Opposition to Negative Asceticism