Wednesday 4th of August 2021


Planned holy Quran burning protested by Indonesian Muslims

Facilitator of Shia-Genocide in D.I.Khan arrested from Zohb, DPO DI Khan


Professor Ansarian: heartfelt praise is acquired by believing in Origin and Resurrection

Professor Hussein Ansarian: behavior in relationship

Iqbal’s Thoughts Based on Quran

87 dead after crane collapses at world’s holiest mosque in Mecca

Professor Hussein Ansarian: In narrations, more emphasis has been placed upon doing good to mothers

Pakistan arrests militant commander

China restricts Ramadan fasting in Muslim region

U.K-- 2,000 Muslims gather for opening of £1.5m. new mosque in Burnley (PIC)



Things that Make the Wudhu Void


Martyrdom of our Master Abbas bin Ali bin Abi Talib(a.s)

The Destiny of Man

Imam Reza (A.S.) and the Abbasid Caliphs

Human rights & Selection of justice and judiciary

Martyrdom Anniversary of Imam Sajjad (as), the Guide of Muslims; Imam Sajjad

Martyrdom of Abu Bakr bin Hasan bin Ali bin Abi Talib

Ziyarat Of Imam Hussain (as)

Martyrdom of Abul Hasan Ali bin Husain al Akbar (a.s)

Worshipful of all the people


Law in Islam

Taqlid and Marji'iyyah in Islam

Rights Group Says Jordanian Police Torturing Political Prisoners in Bahrain

The Tendency of Rationalizing The Shari’ah Laws

Issue of Badaa

Bahrain's Al Wefaq: Deporting and Making Citizens Stateless is Egregious Violation to Constitution and Int’l Law

Discrimination against Muslims at all-time high in Belgium

Rational Thought in Shi'ism



Five Swedens convert to Shia Islam at Imam Reza Holy Shrine

Interview with a Lady who Propagates Islam, Imam Reza’s (A.S.) Light Connect me to the God

Eduardo Agnelli, The Martyr of his Belief

British woman murdered in Pakistan for converting to Shia Islam

From France to Iran

Muslim youth to hold 100 Quran exhibitions across Canada

Indinesian Govt to Place Sampang Shiites’ Future in Sunni Leaders’ Hands

Madrasa Education in Pakistan: In the Context of Government Policy

Malawian Muslim women allowed to wear hijab on license photos

Pakistan: Shia-Sunni combine Iftar & prayer in Lahore on birth of Imam Hasan Mujtaba / Photos

Manchester City’s Muslim superstar Yaya Toure, agent donate £100K to bomb attack's victims


Ahlul-Bayt as the Earth Angels

Hazrat Abulfazl’s Characteristics

Hurr (A.S)

The Brother of the Prophet of Allah

Imam Ali b. al Husayn (as)

When is the Promised Mahdi Expected to Appear?

Imam Hussein (as) and Kindness, charity and love for poor

The Ahlul Bayt

Ahl-ul-Bayt and Ashura

Flight to the Ethereal Heavens

Holy Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.) was Very Kind to Children

Shi'ite Books on 'Dirayatul Hadith'