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Doctrine of Belief in Islam

We believe that:

The true religion with Allah as Islam (3;18)

and that is the true, Divine shari'ah that has abrogated all previous shara'i. It is the most perfect shari'ah, according with man's happiness and containing all that is in his interest, in this world and in the next. It can never become obsolete, and will last for ever; it is not challengeable and will not be transformed in any way ; it contains all that mankind needs: individual, social and political rules. For it is the last shari'ah, and there is no hope for another religion to come and reform humanity, which is sinking into oppression and corruption. Therefore the day must come when the Islamic religion will become strong and its justice and laws will be spread over the entire world. When all the people of the world act correctly in accordance with all the laws of Islam, peace and prosperity will increase and spread among mankind, and man will attain the highest peak which he can imagine; well-being, dignity, plenitude, contentment and ideal morality will arise, and oppression, poverty and indigence will disappear from the surface of the earth to be replaced by love and brotherhood among men.

The reason that at the present time we see such a shameful condition among the people who call themselves Muslims is that their behaviour, from the very beginning, has not been truly in accordance with Islamic law. This dishonorable state has continued and has become worse and worse. The acceptance of Islam has not been the cause of the disgraceful situation of backwardness among Muslims. On the contrary, it has been caused by their disobedience of its teachings, their negligence of Islamic laws. the prevalence of oppression and the enmity of their rulers towards the poor and of certain groups towards the common people, and this it is that has paralyzed their progress, weakened them, broken their sprit and brought calamity and tragedy upon them. Allah has destroyed them by their sins:

That is because Allah never changes the Grace He has bestowed on any people until they first change what is in themselves.(8:53)

Thus does Allah treat His creatures.

Lo! the guilty never are successful. (10;17)

In truth, they Lord would never destroy their cities unjustly while as yet their folk were doing right. (11;117)

Even thus is the grasp of the Lord when He grasps the cities while they are doing evil. Lo! His grasp is painful, terrible.(11;102)

How can we except the religion to save the community from the depths of perdition. when the teachings of the religion are just ink on paper and people do not act little bit in accordance with them?

The basic foundations of Islam are: faith in Allah, honesty, truthfulness, sincerity, good behaviour and generosity, and a Muslim must want for his brother what he wants for himself. But Muslims left this all behind them a long time ago.

Daily we see them (the Muslim) dispersing into various sects and groups, competing for the things of this world, each one attacking and accusing the other of impiety for unknown or imaginary reasons, or for useless purposes, ignoring Islam and the interests of both themselves and society. Thus do they dispute: Is the Qur'an created or not? Have paradise and hell been created (in the future)? and so on. The nature of these disputes shows that they have deviated from the right path which they have been shown,and are heading towards ruin and destruction, and day by day they deviate further. Ignorance and perversion surround them, but they occupy themselves with useless and superficial matters, superstitious and imaginary things. Fighting, bickering and boasting cause them to descend further into the bottomless abyss. At the same time, the West, ever vigilant, but a persistent enemy of Islam, has become powerful and colonised Islamic territory, while Muslims remain unaware and half-asleep. Only Allah can know the extent and the end of these misfortunes.

In truth the Lord would never destroy their cities unjustly while as yet their folk were doing right. (11;117)

There is no alternative for assuring the success of the Muslims either today or tomorrow, but for them to wake up, consider well what they do, educate themselves and their generation by correct Islamic teachings and thus remove the oppression and cruelty. In this way can they save themselves from this great calamity. It is their responsibility to establish justice throughout the world, after having done away with oppression and cruelty, just as was affirmed by Allah and His Messenger. For their religion is the last religion, and the world cannot be set right again without it. Of course, people are in need of an Imam to erase imaginings, innovations and deviations from Islam, and to save mankind and rescue them from complete corruption, continual oppression and enmity, and contempt for morality and human life. May Allah hasten his reappearance.

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