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The Meaning of The Title Imam-E-Zaman (A.S.)

The Meaning of The Title Imam-E-Zaman (A.S.)

A title reflects the personality of man. His characteristics and qualities are projected through it. Nowadays such instances are extremely numerous where this dictum rarely comes true. The titles are some times promiscuous bestowed without knowing the actual meaning by the patrons and by the patronized which is out of context here.

The Prophets of God are familiar by the titles added with their names which throw light on their prolity and innate qualities endowed in them by the creator. The prophet Moses (A.S.) is addressed as "Kaleem-Ullah" as he had conversation with the Creator of the world, while our last prophet as is specifically mentioned in the Holy Book is known as Rehmatullil Alamin - the one whose existence is a source and fountain of blessings in this world and in the world here after. Like - wise his progeny is also profusely blessed.

Unlike others, the appellations of dignity of Imame-e-Zaman (A.S.) have each got their own significance separately. Janab Muhaddis Noori (may God shower His blessings on him) the author of the book "Najm us Saquib" has mentioned one hundred eighty two names and titles of Imam-e-Zamana with positive references.

Those who are fond of reciting prayers (Dua) not only for consecration and happiness but with a view to attain and get mastery of the philosophy and high ideals taught by the descendents of the Holy Prophet, are fully aware of innumerable titles of Imam-e-Zaman (A.S.) mentioned in those prayers (Dua). In this context, Dua Nudbah and Ziyarat-e-Al-e-Yasin etc deserve special attention. All those Dua are collected and have found place in Mafateehul Jinan. In this article we will throw light in detail only on one title.

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