Tuesday 18th of May 2021
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The property of world

The property of world

It has been narrated:

At the time of the birth of Jesus, the sons of the devil said to their father, "Today, the head of idols fell, what happened?"

The devil said: “I have no idea, he went away for a while and came back with the news of Jesus birth and said: the period of idol worshiping has come to an end, from now on deceive human beings through haste and laziness.

Another by which the devils deceive the human beings is by gold, jewelry and everything related to such metals, the devil ties the heart to the property of the world in a way that takes away one,s determination and the only thing they have is affection and love  of worldly property, and they spend their whole precious life in this way and when they open their eyes and become alert, they are in the depth of the hell.

source : erfan.ir
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