Wednesday 27th of October 2021
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Anti-Islamic Protesters Clash with Police in Nottingham

Anti-Islamic Protesters Clash with Police in Nottingham

--Police have clashed with anti-Islamic protesters in the city of Nottingham in the UK. Eleven people were arrested as police officers came between the English Defence League supporters and anti-facscist counter-demonstrators.

The Unite Against Fascism campaigners said they were there to combat racism. “Racism is wrong and should be stopped immediately,” said one counter-demonstrator. “We need to be on the street saying we cannot accept this type of racism. It is divisive in our communities. We need to send a strong message saying ‘no’ to the EDL,” said another. The EDL denies being a racist organisation. Supporters claim to be opposed to what they term “radical Islam”. Many carried placards which read: “Protect Women” and “No To Sharia”. Chanting: “We want our country back,” the right-wing demonstrators attempted to confront anti-fascist supporters in the city centre. Police struggled to keep the opposing groups apart. The protests took place on the day of a homecoming parade in the Midlands city for soldiers returning from active duty in Afghanistan.

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