Monday 15th of August 2022
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European Quran competition kicks off in Hamburg, Germany

The fifth edition of a European Quran competition was launched in Hamburg, Germany, in Friday.

The Islamic Centre Hamburg is hosting the competition, attended by 160 Quran activists from different European countries.

The opening ceremony began with recitation of verses from the Holy Quran’s Surah Maryam (Mary) by Seyed Abbas Kazemi, who was the top Qari in the previous edition of the contest.

Addressing the ceremony, Hojat-ol-Islam Ansari, head of the center’s Dar-ol-Quran, welcomed the participants and thanked the Quran experts and masters contributing to the event by serving as members of the panel of judges.

Mehdi Adeli, Ali Ramezani, Seyed Yahya Hosseini and Dhul Khayrat Feizullahi are members of the panel of judges in the men’s section of the contest while Ms Turkipour and Ms Abdolali judge the performance of the contenders in the women’s section.

The competition is being held in the categories of Quran memorization, Quran recitation and Adhan recitation for two age groups of blow 16 and 16 and above.

The final round will be held on Sunday and winners will be awarded in a ceremony on the same day.

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