Sunday 4th of December 2022
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Pak min: unity among Muslim world, need of hour

Pak min: unity among Muslim world, need of hour

 Sardar Muhammad Yousuf said, 'The Muslim world must play its role for bringing peace in the world. All Muslim countries whether it is Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, etc., they should play their roles according to the spirit of Islam and guide the humanity.'

He praised the efforts of Iranian Embassy is Pakistan to hold a recent conference to help bring unity among Muslim world on the occasion of birth anniversary of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) and reiterated that Pakistan’s Ministry of Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony is also working on the same agenda.

Sardar Muhammad Yousuf expressing his views said that creating unity among Ummah is the collective responsibility of all Muslim states.

The minister further stressed that success of Muslim Ummah lies in its unity.

“Every effort to bringing Muslims together must be lauded because it is the message of Islam and Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him),” he said.

He urged Islamic scholars to show Muslims right path because it is their responsibility. “It is unfortunate that today we are divided into different sects,” the minister said.

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