Saturday 24th of September 2022
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Chinese reporter converts to Shia Islam at Imam Ridha holy shrine

Chinese reporter converts to Shia Islam at Imam Ridha holy shrine

Based on his previous interest and after visiting holy city of Mashhad, a Chinese reporter was deeply impacted by the spirituality and divine attraction of the Razavi Illuminated Shrine and converted to Islam.

In the ceremony held by the management of non-Iranian pilgrims' affairs of Astan Quds Razavi, Wang Yun converted to Islam, after reciting his Shahadatein (two formula of faith). Following his conversion, he chose Ali as his name.

He introduced Qur'an as a very good source to answer his questions and said, "I studies on different religions particularly Shi’ite Islam for consecutive months. I couldn't find any religion more comprehensive and perfect than Islam. In fact I was not able to fill my spiritual vacuum by other religions."

This new Chinese Muslim stressed, "Based on these findings, I recognized Islam as a religion containing numerous unique features among which fraternity; equality, justice, and truth can be referred to."

He introduced special attention of Allah and Imam Ridha (8th Shia Imam) as an effective factor in finding this belief and continued, "I believe that Islam is a rich, valuable, and divine religion and it is our duty to learn its lessons and discover its hidden secrets. I am very happy that I chose the right path and I will be never regretful of my choice."

"Religious cities have unique feature particularly the Razavi Holy Shrine in which pilgrims forget all the worldly matters. The shrine, also, creates a special enthusiasm in visitors", Ali said.

In continuation of his talk, he introduced Iran as a real sample of Islamic society and added, "Unfortunately world media have a very bad and unreal coverage on the country's stories and what they introduce is totally different from what Iran really is".

At the end of this ceremony, management of non-Iranian pilgrims' affairs of Astan Quds Razavi offered some cultural gifts including introductory books on Islam, principles of beliefs, and also a prayer-mat to this new Muslim convert.

source : abna24.com
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