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The Name Imam Ali (A.S.) is identified with Justice

The Name Imam Ali (A.S.) is identified with Justice

The name ‘Ali, was later identified with justice. His tradition and manner of government was always an example with which people reprimanded other Caliphs. One year, when Mu’awiyah was in Mecca for Hajj, he searched for a woman known for her devotion to ‘Ali and her enmity to Mu’awiyah. He sent for her and asked her, “Do you know why I summoned you? I called you to ask why you like Ali and hate me.” She answered, “It is better not to talk of this subject. Mu’awiyah insisted on his demand. The woman said, “Because he was an upholder of justice and equality and you fought him without any reason. I like ‘Ali because he loved the poor and I am an enemy of you because you shed blood and separated the Muslims and are unjust and prejudiced in judgment and follow your desires.” Mu’awiyah got angry. However, he overcame his anger and as was his habit, he showed kindness and asked, “Have you ever seen ‘Ali in person?” She said, “Yes, I have.” Mu’awiyah asked, “How did you find him?” She said, “By God, I saw him in a state not possessed by crown and government as you are.”
“Have you heard his voice?”
“Yes, I have. It lightens the heart and purges sorrow as the olive oil removes rust.”
“Do you wish anything?”
“Will you give whatever I ask?”
“Then give me one hundred red camels.”
“If I give you what you want, will I find the same position as ‘Ali in your heart?”
Mu’awiyah ordered to give her one hundred camels and said, “By God. If ‘Ali were alive, he would not give you even one of these camels.”
The woman answered, “By God, he would not give me even one single hair of them, because they belong to all Muslims.”
‘Adi Ibn Hatam Ta’i was one of the great disciples of the holy Prophet and a lover of Imam ‘Ali. This man converted to Islam in the last years of the holy Prophet’s life and became a faithful Muslim. When Imam ‘Ali was the caliph, he was at his disposal and three of his sons called Turaif, Turfah and Tarif were killed in Siffin, fighting for ‘Ali (A.S.) After the martyrdom of Imam ‘Ali and the stabilization of the caliphate for Mu‘awiyah, they happened to encounter.
In order to make him say something about Imam ‘Ali as he wished, he tried to remind him of the martyrdom of his three children.

Therefore he asked, “What happened to your sons, Turfah, Turaif and Tarif?” ‘Adi said serenely, “They were killed in Siffin in front of ‘Ali.” He added the words “in front of ‘Ali” to show his satisfaction and honor. Mu’awiyah said, “‘Ali did not treat you justly to dispatch your sons to the battlefield and leave his own sons back to survive.” ‘Adi said, “In fact I did not behave justly toward ‘Ali as he was killed and I survived.” Mu’awiyah saw that his plan proved futile. Changing his tone, he said, “Describe ‘Ali to me.” ‘Adi asked to be excused. Mu’awiyah said, “Impossible. You have to." Thus ‘Adi said, “I swear by God that ‘Ali was strong and judicious. He talked with justice and settled disputes with certainty. He was versed in knowledge and science. He hated the luxury of the world and liked the night and the nocturnal solitude. He cried much and thought plenty. In his solitude he questioned himself and repented the past. A simple life he conducted and simple clothes he wore. When he was among us, he was none of us. If we asked him something, he would comply. If we went to visit him, he treated us warmly and affably. Although he had no chains or jails, he had such great eminence that we did not dare to talk in his presence; he was so august that we did not raise our heads to look at him. When he smiled, his teeth glowed like pearls. He respected the faithful and was kind to the poor. By God I saw him one night with my own eyes standing in the altar worshipping the Almighty while darkness fell on everything. His tears rolled down his beard. He twisted about as one stung by snake and cried like mourners. It is as if I heard him say, “You are bothering me and showing your face to me. Go and deceive somebody else. Your time has not come. I divorced you three times, irrevocably, and there shall be no return. Your joys are trivial and you value little. Oh, oh some little provision, a long trip and few companions.”

When ‘Adi got to this point, Mu’awiyah started crying, wiped his tears by his sleeve and said, “May Allah have mercy on ‘Ali. He was true as you said. Now tell me how you feel in his absence.” ‘Adi said, “Like a woman who has embraced a child and whom you are about to behead.” Mu’awiyah asked, “Do you ever forget him?” ‘Adi answered, “Does time permit me to forget him?”
In Irshad, Shaykh Mufid states, “The term of ‘Ali’s Imamate, the Commander of the Faithful, was 30 years after the Prophet and he ruled for only five and a half years and this short period was spent in combating the hypocrites. He goes on to say that his death occurred on Friday night, 21st of Ramazan near dawn; he was struck by a poisonous sword by Ibn Muljam Muradi and died two days later.
Kafi states, “Then, Imam ‘Ali said: there is no God but Allah until his exalted soul soared to Heaven.” May God glorify him and his sacred family.

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