Sunday 29th of May 2022
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Discrimination against Muslims Increasing in Netherlands

Discrimination against Muslims Increasing in Netherlands

In the same period more than 700 Muslims in the region also reported being threatened or unfair treatment because of their religion, according to a study by umbrella organization SPIOR, ANP reported.

For this study, people in the Rotterdam-Rijnmond region could report discrimination to SPIOR. The organization also launched an online and offline campaign to encourage people to report incidents and conducted a survey at mosques, Islamic schools and other Islamic organizations and institutions.

The study found that 84 percent of discrimination victims were obviously Muslim, identified by their clothing for example, when the incident occurred. 72 percent of discrimination reports came from women. Children were directly involved or witnessed the incident in 10 percent of the cases. In 61 percent of the cases, the perpetrators were male.

According to the researchers, these new figures show that discrimination against Muslims is much more prevalent in the Rotterdam-Rijnmond region than reported in official figures. "Often no reports or charges were made due to a lack of trust in authorities”, SPIOR director Marianne Vorthoren explained.

This report, titled Islamophobia in sight, handed to Rotterdam mayor Ahmed Aboutaleb on Wednesday.

source : abna24.com
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