Monday 29th of November 2021
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“Amir Al-Mumenin (AS)” Festival in India

“Amir Al-Mumenin (AS)” Festival in India
The 4th edition of “Amir Al-Mumenin (AS)” annual cultural festival has been organized in Bangalore, India, by the Astan (custodianship) of Hazrat Abbas (AS) holy shrine.

According to alforatnews.com, “Amir Al-Mumenin (AS); the Makhzan (treasury) of the Messenger’s Knowledge and the Gate to His Wisdom” is the motto of this edition of the festival.

The cultural program began on April 22 on the occasion of the birthday anniversary of Imam Ali (AS).

The Astans of Imam Hussein (AS) holy shrine and the holy shrines of the infallible Imams (AS) in Kazemayn, Iraq, have cooperated in holding the program.

The opening ceremony of the festival was attended by a number of intellectuals and religious, social and cultural figures and seminarians from India and Iraq.

It was addressed by Sheikh Ali Al-Asadi, in charge of the Religious Affairs Section of the Astan, Hafiz Rahman, head of the Peace Foundation of Sufis in Delhi and Sheikh Sadiq, Indian cleric and representative of a Shia source of emulation in Lucknow.

The participants in the ceremony visited the book fair and the photo exhibition held on the sidelines of the festival.

source : SHAFAQNA
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