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15 Rajab - The Death of Lady Zainab

15 Rajab - The Death of Lady Zainab

15 Rajab- The Death of Lady Zainab (peace be upon her)
Scenes from Karbala

It was unbelievable.
A noble woman was looking upon the scene of battle with a broken heart, her eyes riveted on her beloved brother. He was facing an army which consisted of thousands of soldiers, standing firm with only a few companions and his household. His eldest son, Ali, was also among them. How much did Ali look like his great-grandfather, Prophet Muhammad! He resembled him to a great extent, not only in his physical appearance but also in his high manners. How could such a "Muslim" army advance to fight him?!

Still she stood, looking on.
She had witnessed so many tragedies during her life. She had lost her mother while she was only around six years old. It was a year of sorrow, for she had also just lost her grandfather. The years had passed since that fateful day, but it seemed that hardship and pain were not so far away. Her father was struck on his head in the mosque at Kufa while he was praying – the sword had fallen upon the noble head. Soldiers had been aware of Imam Ali's great strength and courage in the battlefield…for who would dare to stand in the face of Ali? That coward had crept behind the Imam while he was engrossed in prayer- an ultimate deceit.

Her heart was burdened with sorrow.
After her father's death, her two brothers were her solace…Imam Hassan and Imam Hussein (peace be upon them), the Masters of the Youth of Heaven. But Imam Hassan was poisoned and now…now she was looking upon the battlefield with a grieved heart.
The battle ensued…one by one Imam Hussein's companions fell, defending their Imam. Their valor was great and they caused a lot of casualties in the opposite army. However, they were very few in number in the face of thousands of soldiers.

After the companions, the Hashemites advanced…the first one among them to receive permission to fight was Ali son of Hussein (peace be upon them)…He fought valiantly and his martyrdom greatly affected his father's heart. Zainab was distraught. Her beloved nephew was gone and sorrow enveloped the scene. They had dared to kill him… he bore a great resemblance to Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him and his Household) and it seemed as if that sinful army were actually killing the Prophet himself!

Weren't they killing the Prophet…?
The battle was tragic and heart-rending. The Hashemites were martyred one after the other…and Imam Hussein (peace be upon him) was left alone…
Who will offer you solace, my Lady?

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