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Shiite agencies -England

About Us

The AIM Commitment
We at AIM are committed in working to adopt Islam as a source of enlightenment and to promote those values that will bring about a healthy society. AIM believes that the continual pursuit of its objectives will facilitate prevalence of peace, justice and social improvement for Muslims and Non Muslims alike.

Primary Objectives
The primary objectives of the Mission are as stated below:

• To promote a universal vision of Islam with regards to thought and practice.
• To advance religious and social development; and safeguard the identity of Muslims.
• To support the oppressed all over the world and stand against all forms of oppression.
• To combat ignorance, poverty, injustice, and moral degeneration.
• To strive for unity amongst Muslims and create opportunities of dialogue with other faiths.

About Us
AIM is a non-profit organisation with great ambition to serve the community.

AIM is a Shia Islamic organisation with worldwide membership empowering Muslims through education, identity building and political awareness.

Founded in 2003 in the UK by a group of professionals and university students, it is an independent initiative whose long term aspirations centre on the preparation for the blessed return of the Saviour, Imam Al-Mahdi (atf).

Our current support base has crossed geographical boundaries and has brought together people from a variety of cultures and socio-political backgrounds to share their ideas and direct their endeavours towards the common goal of preparing for the Imam (atf). This has been promoted through various on-ground projects and a sustained electronic campaign via our online website.

Our Projects
The main focus of AIM projects are in three major areas, each with a working committee to achieve its respective objectives. These projects are as follows:

Islamic Education - Conducts a variety of educational seminars, courses and conferences. Also provides free Islamic literature with nation-wide coverage in Britain.
Socio-political Awareness - Provides in-depth coverage of stories affecting the state of Muslims around the world, issues statements from the organisation and hosts discussion forums.
Youth Development - Provides services for students at their university, training workshops, sport activities, and youth events.




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