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Imam Abu Hanifas Fatwa that the Iman of Hadhrath Abu Bakr and Iblis are the same

Imam Abu Hanifas Fatwa that the Iman of Hadhrath Abu Bakr and Iblis are the same

In Tarikh Baghdad we read that:

"Imam Abu Hanifa said that Iblis and The Great Truthful one Abu Bakr were equal in Iman".

Tarikh Baghdad Volume 13 page 373

On the same page Imam Abu Hanifa declares:

"The Iman of Adam and Iblis is the same"

To the Nasibi who accuse the Shia of disrespecting the Sahaba, we invite them to offer their opinions of their Imam, whose disrespect of Allah (swt)s Prophet is such that he equates him iman is being on par with the Iman of Shaythan.

On the same page we read that:

A man stood up urinating Abu Hanifa said why dont you sit down? He said Murijee why dont you go away, he replied I wont because I have already stated that your Iman is equal to that of Gibrael.

In eyes of Ahl ul Sunnah in Tarikh Baghdad we learn that:

"Hamad bin Abi Salman sent Abu Hanifah a message declaring him to be a Mushrik"

Tarikh Baghdad Volume 13 page 380


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