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Abu Hanifa's Salaat was condemned by Scholars

Abu Hanifa's Salaat was condemned by Scholars

Rislala al Mugheez al Khulq by Abu Mualli

Wafeeyathul Ayaan Volume 4 page 113 "Dhikr Mahmood Ghuznawi"

Tarikh Yafii Miratul Jinaan

Sayf ul Maslul fi Dhurbul kafaal wal makfuul taken from Istakhza page 180

"Tarikh Yafii Miratul Jinan Ulama of Islam note Guznawi was Hanafi and reaspected Hadith and he would hear Hadith with his people which is why found them in accordance to Shafii Madhab something affected his heart and he inquired which was better of the two, and he said that the two two rakaat Salats are read before him then hed decide on which was better. Kafaal Muroozi read the Shaafi prayer and read it in such a way showing it in accordance with Wudhu clean dress (under Shaafi principles). Then Faqaal Muroozi read prayer according to Hanafi fiqh he wore coloured dogs skin and a quarter of it was impure and yet he performed Wudu in achohol prepare by dates, as it was summer time he was covered by flies and mosquitos and performed each action of Wudhu in reverse, then he looked towards Kaaba and said Takbeer in Farsi without the intention and then read one verse in Farsi, and performed like a cock pecking its food, in his Salaams rather saying Tashud he farted loudly, and said Oh King this is Abu Hanifas Salaat. King said that if this is unproven to be Abu Hanifa I will kill you, because such a Namaaz is not accepted by any religion. Hanafis denied that this was Hanafi Salaat. The King said present the books of both Madhabs to me, the King gor a Christian accountant to examine both. After research it was poroven that the Hanafi Salat was just like that of Faqaal Ghuznawi then lefy Hanafi Madhab and became Shaafi.

This event is authentic and has even. It had been confirmed as correct by the Hanafi scholar Abdul Razzaq Hanafi in his book Sayf Maslool fi Dhurbul kafaal wal Mukful. His comments are cited in Astaghsa page 180 where Abdul Razzaq initially said he initially felt it was an exaggeration but when he read Abu Muhammad bin Abdullah bin Sad al Yahfeez Tarikh al Janaan in which the Imam of Makka confirmed the farting episode he knew it was true.


source : www.rafed.net
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