Wednesday 12th of August 2020

Islamic Books Exhibition to Conclude in New Delhi

Islamic Books Exhibition to Conclude in New Delhi

The 7th International Islamic Book Fair, which opened in the Indian capital city of New Delhi on October 18, will conclude today.

Publishers from India as well as a number of other countries including Pakistan, Malaysia, Singapore, Lebanon, US, and Britain presented their books at the expo.
According to Milli Gazette a biography of Hazrat Ali (AS) and the Urdu translation of an award winning biography of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) were among the books presented at the Delhi fair.
There were books in English, Urdu, Hindi and Arabic on topics ranging from Islamic History, Hadith, Quran, and Fiqh to management and computer sciences.
Other attraction at the fair were Adhan (call to prayer) clocks of various designs and sizes.


source : www.iqna.ir
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