Monday 23rd of May 2022
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Iran condemns human rights violations in EU, Canada and US

Iran condemns human rights violations in EU, Canada and US

Iran’s delegation to the third committee of the United Nations General Assembly in New York on Friday criticized human rights violations in the European Union, Canada and the US.


The delegation had a very active presence in the committee which specializes on human rights issues.

The Iranian delegation further criticized the attitude and practice of certain countries which were trying to introduce themselves as patrons of human rights in the world but in reality had an unacceptable record full of human rights breaches including racial and religious discrimination.

It said such countries tried to cover up their real performance by attacking other countries on the issue of human rights.

Outlining human rights violation cases in Europe, Canada and America, the Iranian representatives stressed the remarkable increase in cases of racial, religious and ethnic discrimination in those countries in the past few years.

They stressed that Muslims together with other religious minorities were subject to extensive rhetorical and physical abuses and suffered from incredible discriminatory views by employers who deny them equal job opportunities and make unequal payments to them.

The delegation further pointed out that Muslims in these countries lacked the freedom to carry out their religious rituals in public places and were even sometimes facing restrictions in wearing Hijab.

Regarding human rights situation in Canada, the Iranian delegation said ethnic Canadians were facing severe discrimination and enjoyed a much lower living standard compared to other Canadians while violence against ethnic women was a common practice and they were easy victims for Police and rapists.

As for the discriminatory acts racial and ethnic minorities especially the skin-colored, Hispanics or Afro-Americans were subject to in the US, the delegation expressed severe criticism over violation of their rights in the American society.

The delegation also noted that the US administration had continuously and vehemently supported the savage killing of people in Palestine by the Zionist regime as well as the torture and inhuman treatment of Palestinians by the occupying regime.

It said the recent position taken by the US government in outspokenly objecting the statement issued by the UN Human Rights Council on the crimes of the Zionist regime in Gaza just revealed that the American administration simply had to respect for human rights for Palestinians.

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