Monday 23rd of May 2022
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U.K-- 2,000 Muslims gather for opening of £1.5m. new mosque in Burnley (PIC)

MORE than 2,000 Muslims from around the world flocked to Burnley for the opening of a £1.5m. state-of-the-art landmark mosque.
The Jamia Masjid Ghausia Mosque in Abel Street was completed after 10 years of fund-raising by residents living mainly in Daneshouse.
Building work on the massive project started four years ago and was only recently finished.

Members of the mosque committee said they were "delighted" to see their plans come to fruition after the community pulled together.

The new mosque boasts capacity for 2,000 people, prayer facilities over two floors, a room to accommodate 500 women worshippers, a meeting room, library, community room and classrooms where seminars will be held.

The mosque will also be a base for community cohesion in Burnley and groups of children from several of the town's schools have already visited with more trips planned.

At the opening Burnley Muslim leaders, including Chief Imam Sajid-ul-Hashmi, welcomed guests from Norway, Holland, Spain, Pakistan and across the UK.

The event featured readings from the Qur'an, Islamic songs, prayers and there were also stalls selling clothes.

Inside, the mosque has been decorated with mirrored mosaics, marble from India, carpets from Turkey and light fittings and ceiling from Saudi Arabia.

All the work has been paid for through donations from supporters and fund-raisers.

Up to now Burnley Muslims have worshipped at an existing mosque in Colne Road opening in 1973, which will stay open.

But members of the committee said there was a need for bigger premises with an increase in the number of Muslims in Burnley.

One said: "If the community hadn't worked together, this wouldn't have happened. We are very happy people have travelled so far to come to the opening. We've had this vision for the last 10 years


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