Sunday 3rd of July 2022
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Islamic Society in Need of Strong Links between Tarbiyah (Education) and Tazkiyah (Purification)


“Islamic Society requires education to be accompanied with purification of soul; modern world, however, is facing a crisis of education without moral purification”, said Hojat-ol-Islam Arbab Soleimani, advisor to the Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance.

“Throughout the history of Islam, schools have always been attached to mosques; our present society, however, is experiencing a wide gap between mosques and schools, which has to be replaced by a strong link between the two”, he added.

Secretary of the General Headquarters for the Mosques’ Cultural and Art Centers underlined the plan to assign coordinators between mosques and schools and said, “In addition to promoting their knowledge, top students taking part in this plan can become familiar with issues of purification of the soul and moral values”.

He reiterated the fact that the two issues of education and purification come hand in hand in the Quran, and further added, “In the Holy Quran, purification has been mentioned in parallel with education three times; in two cases, however, purification has been given priority to education.”

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