Thursday 26th of May 2022
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Int'l Quran Contest to Kick off in Tunisia


--The 8th edition of International Quran Memorization and Interpretation Competition will start today, September 8 with participants from over 20 Islamic countries, includinbg Iran, Turkey, Egypt, Indonesia and Saudi Arabia in al-Zaytuna Mosque in the capital Tunis, Kuwait's state news agency (KUNA) reported.

Mostafa Lashkari, a memorizer of the entire Quran, will represent Iran in the weeklong contest sponsored by the Tunisian Ministry of Religious Affairs.

Entrants will compete in five categories of memorization of the entire Quran and exegesis of the 8th part, memorization of all parts, 40 hizbs (a quarter of a part) and 15 chapters of the Quran. In all categories contestants must read the verses in Tarteel recitation.

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