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Allah (God) wisely and fairly willed to create pairs

Allah (God) wisely and fairly willed to create pairs of everything in the firmly-founded and extensive order of Creation. In the expansive scene of Creation the pairing of everything is an absolute truth with no exception. Even before man came to know this fact through his knowledge and perform scientific research on it, the Glorious Quran had made this truth known in numerous verses, including verse 49 of the Blessed Surah (Chapter) entitled “The Winds That Scatter (Al-Zariyat)”. This scientific fact covers everything in Creation, including inanimate objects, plants, animals and humankind.

This great statement which is a scientific fact and an explicit expression regarding everything which is in the cosmos, implies one of the miracles of the Glorious Quran being mentioned centuries before the scientific Renaissance came about; and in a city like Mecca or Medina with few who could read or write and lack of books or schools. This Quranic statement (51:49) is also a strong reason proving the originality of this scripture its being scientific and the justification of the Prophethood of the Last of the Prophets Muhammad (Pbuh).

The Glorious Quran has other verses about other aspects of Creation which have surprised and perplexed today's scientists and leave no room for doubt about its rightfulness to anyone in any rank or position and the fact that it is the guiding light in man's life.

This is the Book: In it is guidance sure, without doubt. [Holy Quran: Baqara 2:2]

God's divine favor and mercy has set in the inner nature of all couples of any type the inclination, attraction, loving relationship and strong affinity for one another that will lead to marriage, consummation, birth and increase in the population. Thus, the magnificent order of Creation continues on and on and all creatures, of any sex or type, will attain happiness and pleasure in life and will benefit from their own existence and from the company of other beings.

The relationship of generation in the world of inanimate objects, in whatever form it takes, is manifested in the inclination for the combining of one element with another resulting in the creation of a third one. Consider the combination of oxygen and hydrogen, which are both flammable elements. The result of the combination of these combustible gases is cold water that is the essential liquid for living and cheerfulness. All of the following are wonders of Creation and a result of the will and mercy of the Lord of the two worlds. For instance, mutual attraction along with its numerous results or the case of positive and negative currents in a form with countless benefits can be mentioned here. It is this relationship between two elements and their affinity for each other, and briefly speaking the attraction existing between inanimate objects which is the cause of the generation and continuation of their existence; and the perpetuity of the excellent order of Creation as well as the beautiful expanse of existence.

Indeed, what an amazing power and what a great will is displayed when such a relationship of intimacy between two combustible elements can be established. The combination of these two elements creates cold water, pleasant abundance of springs, roaring rivers, great seas, endless oceans and fine rain. What a wonderful power it is which results in the production of diamonds from the combination of elements in the deep of the dark earth and in the heart of granite and in a place where there is a pitch-black bed of rock darker than night!

What a mighty will exists that can form red agate from the combination of several materials in the dark mines of Yemen and from the deep earth of Nayshabur sky blue turquoise is produced! Also from the combination of earth with animal fossils, thousands of useful things for man are created and obtained. What mercy and favor exists that through the combination of earth and stone or other materials with earth and stone such useful metals like gold, silver, copper and iron are produced! What a strong will and great wisdom exists that grants to His creatures so many blessings from the combination of elements with one another! What a strong will and great wisdom that has created such close affinity between the sun and the earth- between the collection of elements in this fiery ball and the earth's elements! Many blessings result from the combination of the sun's and the earth's elements. As Allah states in the Glorious Quran, no one has the ability to count these blessings.

It is God who created the skies and the Earth, sent down water from the sky and by means of rain gave you fruits to eat. He put ships under your control so that you could make them sail on the seas, and He gave you control of the rivers all over the Earth. And gave you power over the sun and the moon which are in constant motion and let you benefit from the day and the night. Whatever you asked of Him, He granted to you. If you try to count God's blessings, you will not be able to do so !

It is God Who hath created the heavens and the earth and sendeth down rain from the skies, and with it bringeth out fruits wherewith to feed you; it is He Who hath made the ships subject to you, that they may sail through the sea by His command; and the rivers (also) hath He made subject to you.

And He hath made subject to you the sun and the moon, both diligently pursuing their courses; and the night and the day hath He (also) made subject to you.

And He giveth you of all that ye ask for. But if ye count the favors of God, never will ye be able to number them. Verily man is given up to injustice and ingratitude.[Holy Quran: Abraham 14:32-34].

The degree of affinity and attraction of the elements and their being negative or positive and the loving relationship between them for generations is based on an orderly system, special laws, efficiency and just regulations. There are no excesses to be found in these inclinations (or attractions) and these relationships and this sincerity never turn cold. In this beautiful, broad and loving scene there exists no rage or fighting, no discord and opposition.

Divorce and separation have no meaning in these amorous unions. If in this great extent of Creation divorce, rage, opposition, separation and hatred existed, then undoubtedly corruption would completely cover the earth making a mess and destroying everything.

All the elements in the world of inanimate objects have a certain size and weight. All these inanimate bodies have appropriate distances and develop and circulate according to their own position. Their combination with one another is based on their match. Elements do not break out of their own pre-determined order and do not become enemies fighting with one another. Wherever they exist in this better system, they observe their own lawful existence limits.

It is not permitted to the sun to catch up with the moon, nor can the night outstrip the day: each (just) swims along in (its own) orbit (according to Law).[Holy Quran: Ya-Sin 36:40]

There will happen no change in the weight, size, length, width, depth, color, and properties of the celestial bodies; and their distance from one another is always constant. For instance, the distance between the Sun and the Earth, being approximately 150 million kilometers, never increases or decreases.

If the distance increases, all the earthly creatures freeze; and if the distance decreases, all the elements of the terrestrial globe will be burnt up. Nothing can be seen except for knowledge, justice and unfathomable wisdom - which are all based on God's will being manifested in all creatures. That is why whenever those having conscience and being fair, who think and understand, and those who are pure and innocent, look at the system of Creation wholeheartedly, and humbly remember the Creator - the great organizer of this order. They sincerely say:

Our Lord! not for naught Hast Thou created (all) this! [Holy Quran: Al-i-Imran:3:191]

O' yes, orderliness, laws, limits, rights and facts are inwardly and externally manifested in all of the elements of Creation. And the names and attributes of Allah are displayed in all the creatures so clearly that even the illiterate can read and understand them.

The strangest thing is that all these creatures with their own especial systems are heading straight for their beloved and their goal that is God the Almighty.

That to thy Lord is the final Goal; [Holy Quran: Najm 53:42]

source : the Islamic Family Structure By Husayn Ansarian
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