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Fatima (S.A.) was sure that none of her plans can mature in connection with Ali (A.S.)

Fatima (S.A.) was sure that none of her plans can mature in connection with Ali (A.S.). Therefore, she did every thing possible so that a wrong foundation for the caliphate is not laid. But evidently and obviously she could not succeed in her efforts and was compelled to face hopelessness and dismay.

After that, it became hard for her to live and she became fed up with the world and day by day got keen and restless for her death.

Till at last, on Monday the 3rd of Jamadi ussani, 11th of Hijra, She bade fare well to her children and husband and passed away. She died in the same year as her father had died.

At the time of her sorrowful demise Imam Hassan (A.S.) was 7 years of age, Imam Hussain (A.S.) was 6 years, Zainub (S.A.) was 5 years and Ome Kulsum (S.A.) was 3 years of age. God knows, how shocking and painful was the separation of Fatima (S.A.) for her children and husband.

When her death time came near she asked the maidservant to bring her water for taking a bath and putting on new clothes. Because, the time for her to meet her father was at hand. The maidservant brought her the water and she put on new clothes after taking a bath and laid down upon the bed facing Kaabah. After a short while, her eyes closed down and lips became silent and motionless and she proceeded towards the paradise.

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