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One of the name of God is "Al-Badi"Ar-Rahman Ar-Rahim (The Beneficient, The Merciful)"

These two auspicious names are the derivates of blessing and pardon; and it includes the God’s wide - spread favors and blessings towards the servants.

By “blessing” is meant the endowment of sustenance and favors to the servants by Allah; and this endowment is complete, wide - spread, and wholesome.

By “complete” is meant that the endowment is not defective. Not any beggar leaves God’s presence, empty-handed.

When we say God’s blessing is wide – spread, we mean it will include the needy and the affluent, the worldly affairs and the affairs related to the Hereafter, and the necessary and unnecessary affairs.

By “wholesome” we mean God’s blessing is not out of pity which is caused by the wretchedness of the needy. God is not subject to changes in behavior. We will read in a narration:

إنَّ الرَّحْمنَ هُوَ بِجَمِيعِ الْعالَمِ، وَالرَّحيمَ بِالْمُؤْمِنينَ خاصَّةً [1]

“Indeed God’s Beneficience embraces the whole creation, but His Mercy only includes the believers.”

The believer is equipped with the title “Beneficience” if he has mercy upon the ignorant servants of God towards Allah, Doom’s Day and Divine affairs. He has to guide them towards the right path through Kindness, and not through severe discipline. He should show perseverance in discouraging them from wrong - doings.

A true believer enjoys Allah’s Mercy if he satisfies the needs of the needs of the needy and cares for his poor neighbors. If he is unable financially to carry out these requirements spiritually he could get involved in invocation.

[1] Tafsir Qomi, P 26.

source : The Book: Diar Aashiqan by prof, Hussain Ansarian
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