Thursday 30th of June 2022
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UK: First Muslim woman appointed to UK cabinet


London, (IRNA): Shadow Minister for Community Cohesion, Baroness Sayeeda Warsi, has become first Muslim women to be appointed to British cabinet after being promoted to chair of Conservative Party by Prime Minister David Cameron. 

Warsi, a 39-year old solicitor, became the first Muslim woman appointed to Cameron’s shadow cabinet in 2007 after he recommended that she be given a peerage in the House of Lords. She also previously served as a vice chair of the party. 

In 2005, she failed to win a parliamentary seat in Dewsbury, northern England, after she was beaten by Shahid Malik standing for Labour and who was later promoted to become a justice minister before losing at last week’s election. 

The role of chair of the Conservatives is responsible for running the party machine, overseeing Conservative Central Office and is usually a member of the Cabinet when the party is in power. 

Warsi was born in Dewsbury to Pakistani parents and later read law at Leeds University and has trained with both Britain’s Crown Prosecution Service and the Home Office Immigration Department.

Source: The Muslim News

source : http://islamonline.com/news/articles/2/UK-First-Muslim-woman-appointed-to-UK-cabinet-.html
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