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Hadith of Imam Mahdi(a.s)

Hadith of Imam Mahdi(a.s)

1 - ( Narrations from the twelveth Imam ( peace be upon him ) )Benefitting from me in my absence is as benefitting from the sun in itsdisappearance behind the clouds and certainly I am security - grantor for thepeople of earth as stars are security - grantors for the people of sky .(Bahar_ol_Anvar , Vol.53 , P.181)

2 - Possession of another's wealth without owner's permission is notpermissible .(Noor Athaqalain Interpretation , Vol.2 , P.392)

3 - I am God's remainder on earth and the avenger from his enemies .(Vasayel_ol_Shia , Vol.17 , P.309)

4 - Damned , damned is the one who delay his Magreb prayer till the appearanceof stars in the sky .(Bahar_ol_Anvar , Vol.52 , P.15)

5 - Nothing is like praying in rubbing the satan's nose with earth so pray andrub the satan's nose with earth .(Bahar_ol_Anvar , Vol.53 , P.182)

6 - Damned , damned is the one who delays his morning prayer till the starsdisappearance from the sky .(Bahar_ol_Anvar , Vol.52 , P.16)

7 - Every one of my fathers was forced to have allegiance to the tyrants of theirtime , however , I will arise having no allegiance to any tyrant .(Bahar_ol_Anvar , Vol.53 , P.181)

8 - I am the last of the prophets successors and by me God keeps away afflictionsfrom my family and my followers .(Bahar_ol_Anvar , Vol.52 , P.30)

9 - Whoever was diligent in executing God's commandments , God will aid him inattaining his needs .(Bahar_ol_Anvar , Vol.51 , P.331)

10 - God's unchaugeable law is in truth's completion and false's perish iand he isthe witness to what I mentioned .(Bahar_ol_Anvar , Vol.53 , P.193)

11 - Increase your supplication for the accelleration of deliverance ( and myappearance ) , because that is your deliverance and relief .(Kamal Addeen of Assadooq , Vol.2 , P.485)

12 - If ( you ) want spiritual maturity and perfection you will be guided for soand if seek you will attain .(Bahar_ol_Anvar , Vol.51 , P.339)

13 - We are not neglecting to consider you and not forgetting to remember you ,because if it was other than that , difficulties would come to you and enemieswould uproot you, so fear God and support us .(Bahar_ol_Anvar , Vol.53 , P.175)

14 - And regarding the new matters and events refer to the narrators of ourtraditions because they are my authority over you and I am God's authorityover them .(Bahar_ol_Anvar , Vol.53 , P.181)

15 - If asked forgiveness from the ( Glorious Exalted ) God ; He will forgiveyou .(Bahar_ol_Anvar , Vol.51 , P.329)

16 - Certainly , the Exalted God didn't create the creatures in vain and didn'tleave them without obligation and retribution .(Alghaiba of Ashaikh Attoosi , P.174)

17 - Every one of you should do what brings him closer to us and should refrainfrom what we dislike and what makes us angry .(Alehtijaj of Attabrasi , Vol.2 , P.324)

18 - O God ! Fulfil what you promised me , complete the matter of my uprising ,stead fast my feet and fill the earth with justice by my uprising .(Bahar_ol_Anvar , Vol.51 , P.13)

19 - I witness that there is no God but He , and ( so do ) the angels and thosepossessed of knowledge , maintaining His creation with justice ; there is no godbut He , the Mighty , the wise . Surely the ( true ) religion with Allah isIslam .(Bahar_ol_Anvar , Vol.51 , P.16)

20 - There is no relationship or kinship between the Glorious Exalted God and hisslaves and whoever denies one is not from me .(Alghaiba of Ashaikh Attoosi , P.176)

21 - I seek refuge to God from blindness after insight , deviation afterguidance , inappropriate deeds and destructing seditions .(Bahar_ol_Anvar , Vol.53 , P.190)

22 - Our followers reach God's beautiful and good termination when refrain from theprohibited sins .(Bahar_ol_Anvar , Vol.53 , P.177)

23 - I only seek God for sufficing in works , grace and guardianship in allaffairs .(Bahar_ol_Anvar , Vol.25 , P.183)

24 - Our hearts are containers for God's well so if he desired we desire .(Bahar_ol_Anvar , Vol.52 , P.51)

25 - If it were not for our love of your good and our mercy and kindness toyou we would not have attended to you .(Bahar_ol_Anvar , Vol.53 , P.179)

26 - I am the Mahdi ; I am the riser of the time ; I am the one to fill this earthwith justice as was filled with oppression .(Bahar_ol_Anvar , Vol.52 , P.2)

27 - The oppressors claimed that God's argument is inconclusive , while if we wereallowed to speak doubt would be removed .(Bahar_ol_Anvar , Vol.51 , P.4)

28 - I am the owner of the truth ... the sign of my appearance is the increase ofdisturbances and seditions .(Bahar_ol_Anvar , Vol.51 , P.320)

29 - Our knowledge is comprehensive to your news and nothing of your news isconsealed from us .(Bahar_ol_Anvar , Vol.53 , P.175)

30 - Religion is for Mohammad ( p ) and guidance is for commander of the Faith fulAli ( p ) because it is his and stays in his progeny till the day ofjudgement .(Bahar_ol_Anvar , Vol.53 , P.160)

31 - Whoever oppressed us is of the oppressors cursed by God because of his saying :" Now surely the curse of Allah is on the unjust . "(Bahar_ol_Anvar , Vol.53 , P.182)

32 - I and all my fathers ... are slaves to the Glorious Exalted God .(Bahar_ol_Anvar , Vol.25 , P.267)

33 - Prostration of thanking is of the most neccessary and obligatory recommendedactions .(Bahar_ol_Anvar , Vol.53 , P.161)

34 - Whenever God gives us permission to speak , truth appears and false issuppressed and eliminated from among you .(Bahar_ol_Anvar , Vol.25 , P.183)

35 - The messenger of God's daughter is a good example for me .(Bahar_ol_Anvar , Vol.53 , P.180)

36 - The time of deliverance and appearance is by God and the time fixers forappearance are liars .(Bahar_ol_Anvar , Vol.53 , P.181)

37 - Fear God , submit to us and assign the affairs to us , it is our duty tosatiate you from the head spring as we were the ones to take you there , don'tgo after uncovering what is consealed from you and come towards us withlove walking on the clear way .(Bahar_ol_Anvar , Vol.53 , P.179)

38 - There is no appearance except with the Exalted God's permission , and that isafter a lengthy period , hardheartednesses , and the earth's filling withoppression .(Alehtijaj of Attabrasi , Vol.2 , P.478)

39 - Be aware , soon some will claim of seeing me .Be aware , whoever claims of seeing me before the " sofiani's " appearanceand hearing the heavenly sound , is a liar , there is no ability except bythe Great Exalted God .(Alehtijaj of Attabrasi , Vol.2 , P.478)

40 - I am a relict from Adam , a reserve from Noah , a chosen from Abraham and achoicest from Mohammad ( peace be upon all of them ) .(Bahar_ol_Anvar , Vol.52 , P.238)

41 - Naseem , the servant of Imam Mahdi ( peace be upon him ) said :the Imam said to me : " Do you want me to give you good tidings regardingsneezing ? " I said : Yes . He said :" Sneezing is the sign of security from death for three days " .(Bahar_ol_Anvar , Vol.51 , P.5)

42 - The truth is with us and among us , nobody other than us says that except for aliar .(Bahar_ol_Anvar , Vol.53 , P.191)

43 - The Almighty Allah is the one who created the bodies and distributed theprovisions , ( because ) he is not a body and has not entered into a body" Nothing like a likeness of Him , and he is the Hearing the Seeing . "(Alghaiba of Ashaikh Attoosi , P.178)

44 - God is with us and we have no need to other than him ; and the truth is withus so if some were not with us this will never cause any fear for us ; we arecherished by our God and the creatures ( after that ) are cherished by us .(Alghaiba of Ashaikh Attoosi , P.172)

45 - Knowledge is our knowledge and no harm is to reach you from the non -believer's disbelief .(Bahar_ol_Anvar , Vol.53 , P.151)

46 - If our followers - may Allah give them success for their worship - kept theirpromise and had unity and agreement in remaining loyal to the divine compact ,the blessing of seeing us would not be delayed from them and would had thefelicity of seeing us sooner(Alehtijaj of Attabrasi , Vol.2 , P.499)

47 - I seek immunity to Allah and his messenger from the ones who say that we thehousehold ( independently by ourselves and without receiving from God ) know theunseen and share God in authority and creation or put us higher than theposition that God has pleased for us .(Alehtijaj of Attabrasi , Vol.2 , P.487)

48 - The virtue of supplication and glorification after the obligatory prayerscompared to supplication and glorification after recommeneded prayers is as thevirtue of obligations over recommendations .(Alehtijaj of Attabrasi , Vol.2 , P.487)

49 - Prostration on graves is not permissible .(Alehtijaj of Attabrasi , Vol.2 , P.490)

50 - I am the cause of peace and security for the people of the earth as the starsare the cause of security for the people of the sky .(Bahar_ol_Anvar , Vol.78 , P.380)

51 - Truly , the Almighty God's decrees will not overcome , the divine will is notrejected and nothing goes a head of the success given by Him .(Bahar_ol_Anvar , Vol.53 , P.191) 52 - However , the cause of what had happened of the period of occultation isbecause the Glorious Almighty God had said : " O you who believe ! do not putquestions about things which if declared to you may trouble you . "(Bahar_ol_Anvar , Vol.78 , P.380)

53 - The earth is not empty of God's authority , either apparent or hidden .(Kamal Addeen of Assadooq , Vol.2 , P.511)

54 - Whenever a sign disappears another appears and whenever a star falls anotherrises .(Bahar_ol_Anvar , Vol.53 , P.185)

55 - O God ! grant us success for worship , abstention from disobedience , purity ,of intention , knowledge of the unlawful and honour us by guidance andperseverance is your way .


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