The Miracles of Hadrat Abd al-Azim

راه بندگی - جلسه ششم پنجشنبه (18-5-1397) - ذی القعده 1439 - حسینیه همدانی ها - 97.17 MB -

The answering of appeals and requests is not confined to the blessed shrine of the Eighth Holy Imam. The same is true of all the blessed shrines. In our own lifetime we have heard so many miracles by each of these holy figures that they cannot be enumerated. Even this nondescript, during the days that he lived in Tehran, where he had very frequent honor of ziyarah of Hadrat Abd al-Azim, does not remember having prayed for anything in that blessed shrine without his prayer being granted.
There was a cobbler at the end of the lane of Vizier Bathhouse where we resided. We used to take our shoes to him for repairs. One day he came crying to our house and narrated this episode to my father who was the 'alim' of that locality. I was small at that time but I remember the matter well. He said: "It is a habit with us, cobblers, to hold a handful of nails in our mouth while mending shoes. We take them out one by one and hammer it into the shoe, I had put a handful of the "black nails" (which are well-known, and are long and sharply pointed) in my mouth for this purpose when suddenly someone turned up. I began to talk to him, and forgetting the nails in my mouth I swallowed them.
"At that moment I saw death in front of my eyes, seeing that my stomach and entrails will be torn into pieces. Without delay I closed shop and hurried towards Hadrat Abd al-Azim. I pressed my body against the Zari and said to him, "O noble sayyid! You know that I have a large family to support. All that I want from you is to restore my well-being." I was greatly upset. On emerging from the haram I sat down by the pond in the middle of the shrine's courtyard. Suddenly, I had a feeling of nausea and felt like vomiting. When I vomited I saw that all the nails were there."

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