Professor Ansarian: being deprived of divine authorities by being among oppressors

راه و روش زندگي - شب دوم دوشنبه (9-12-1395) - جمادی الاول 1438 - حسینیه حضرت ابوالفضل تهرانپارس - 6.01 MB -

Some offspring and divine prophets were not competent enough to hold divine authorities.

From the Quranic points of view, the one who is among the oppressors not only does not have the competence of holding any divine authorities but also loses his competence. For instance, the son of Noah, although he was a righteous generation of a great messenger named Noah (AS), based on the Holy Quran interpretation, because he was among the oppressors, he was not even counted as Noah,s family members.

The above mentioned story is trying to say that the danger of being separated from the justice is so extreme that may remove human beings from the circle of father and son relationship.

There are a great deal of examples in the history of human life, there were people who used to be the close relatives of the infallible Imams. However, they lost their reputation and character, since they were among the oppressors.

Jafar, the son of Imam Hadi (AS), who was known as Jafar Kozab (mendacious Jafar), is another example.


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سخنرانی دوم دههٔ سوم جمادی‌الاوّل 1395 تهرانپارس حسینیهٔ حضرت ابوالفضل تهرانپارس حسینیهٔ حضرت ابوالفضل دههٔ سوم جمادی‌الاوّل 1395 سخنرانی دوم