Professor Ansarian: Imam Hussein is the heir of Paradise

روش تربیتی امام رضا(ع) - شب اول جمعه (29-5-1395) - ذی القعده 1437 - حرم مطهر احمد بن موسی(شاهچراغ) - 5.66 MB -


Professor Ansarian noting  that Imam Hussein (AS) precedes the whole universe in spiritual inheritance said: Imam Hussein (AS) inherited from Allah Almighty due to his relative relationship and he is the heir of paradise as well as the highest eight paradise.

According to Rasa News Agency correspondent, Professor Hussein Ansarian, the Holy Qur'an exegete and professor of Islamic Seminary, on the fourth night of mourning for Imam Hussein(AS) which was held in Hosseinieh of Qasim ibn al-Hasan (AS) said: since the time of Prophet Adam (AS) until now humans have had two types of inheritance that this inheritance includes relative inheritance and causative(marriage) one in jurisprudential topics.

He also added: the material inheritance is depletable  and can be lost, Allah says in the Holy Qur'an: All the possessions and children will be destroyed and are not lasting; unless one changes his material inheritance to Otherworldly action and alter his property from destruction to eternity based on the Quranic verses and traditions of infallible Imams (as) .

Professor Ansarian by saying that Islam is a religion of Economics, expressed: economy in Islam means balance and moderation, Allah says: I have granted my servants the Quran freely and they have been divided into several groups against these verses.

The erudite and enlightened scholar continued: the first group did not communicate with the book and its precepts and they oppressed themselves, the other group is the thrifty people who practice a moderate approach and attract other people, Imam Ali (AS) is a perfect example of moderation who has never liked extremism and extravagance and had the highest eloquence.

The professor of Seminary, referring to the spiritual inheritance, said: the spiritual inheritance is not only lasting in this world but its effects are also eternal in the hereafter. The one who leaves a spiritual inheritance will be in fact the heir themselves and few people inherit the values of the infallible Imams (AS).

He added: Imam Hussein (AS) is prior to all people in the world concerning spiritual inheritance because he inherited all the values of divine prophets, besides due to the relative relationship with Allah he has also inherited from Allah.

Professor Ansarian added: The appointment of Imam Hussein (AS) by Allah in the Holy Quran is mentioned as faith, Prayer, Zakat, Chastity, commitment, being trustworthy and maintaining all the conditions of prayer and zakat Then Allah said: he is the heir of paradise as well as the highest eight paradise.

The exegete of the Qur'an referring to the title of Khalil in the Quran, expressed: the title of Khalil mean the friend of Allah, human can be Allah’s friend and the one who becomes Allah’s friend would also be the vicegerent of Allah and the lover Allah, a perfect example of that is Hurr Riahi who found the falsehood with the light of thought and realized the truth and held tight the truth.

He added: due to the seven remarkable characteristics Prophet Ibrahim (AS) reached to the position of being Khalilollah or Allah’s friend and it thoroughly exists in the nature of Imam Hussein (AS) and one of the attributes is the connection to Allah in all circumstances and the other factor which caused Imam Hussein(AS) to be Khalilollah or Allah’s friend is that all the deeds of Imam Hussein(AS) were for Allah.

Professor Ansarian said at the end: the wage of the pure deed is only in the hand of Allah.

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