Imam Ali’s answers to what is most important

روش تربیتی امام رضا(ع) - شب ششم یکشنبه (24-5-1395) - ذی القعده 1437 - بیت الاحزان -  

A man came to Amir al- Muhmineen, Ali ibn Abu Talib and said,
“I will ask you four questions, so give me their answers”:
-What is compulsory, and what is most compulsory?
-What is close-by, and what is most close-by?
-What is amazing, and what is most amazing?
-What is difficult, and what is most difficult?
Imam Ali answered:
-What is compulsory is Obeying and worshipping Allah, and what is most compulsory is Abandoning sins and disobedience to Allaah!
-What is close-by is The Day of Judgement, and what is most close-by is DEATH!
-What is amazing is the Dunya, and what is most amazing is the love of the dunya!
-What is difficult is the Grave and what is most difficult is Leaving this world without Provision (for it)!
Oh Allaah, the changer of the hearts, please make my heart steadfast upon your religion.
Oh my Lord, whoever opens this message of mine, and reads it, please open for him,
the door of your blessings and provision from the heavens
and the earth. 

…And whoever spreads it amongst your slaves, do not deny him your paradise…

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