Dome of Imam Hussein Holy Shrine miraculously upright

معارف اسلامی - شب سوم پنج شنبه (30-2-1395) - شعبان 1437 - حسینیه دبیرستان رستگاران -  

After thoroughly studying the architecture of the dome of the Imam Hussein Holy Shrine, to set up pillars to raise the dome and expand the sanctuary, a number of architects stated that the dome should have collapsed a long time past because it has supported with pillars that had been built on wooden bases that are usually damaged by termites.

They said further that the dome weighs approximately 12 tons, and the wooden bases are completely damaged and not supporting anything, but the dome is still upright by the Almighty Allah's blessings to Imam Hussein (Peace Be Upon Him).

The project is still underway now, and % has been achieved lately.

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