Thursday 20th of January 2022
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Conference on Imam Ali (AS) to be Held in Kosovo

Conference on Imam Ali (AS) to be Held in Kosovo

-- On the occasion of Eid Al-Ghadir, a conference on "Imam Ali (AS); Symbol of Islamic Unity" is to be held by Quran Institute of Kosovo and Ahlul Bayt (AS) World Assembly on December 6 in Prizren, Kosovo.

According to IQNA's branch in the Balkans, director of the institute said, "the conference is expected to be attended by a large number of Shia and Sunni Muslims of the country. It is aimed at answering the questions and doubts put forth by Wahhabis."

Mohammad Bagher Salehi added, "Imam Ali (AS) is respected by both Shia and Sunni Muslims and this was a fact which motivated us to hold the conference on the occasion of the Eid."

Among the programs of the event will be lectures by Muslim figures and various religious songs featuring the theme of the occasion.



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