Wednesday 10th of August 2022
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Karbala Journey; A movie about Imam Hussein (A)

Karbala Journey; A movie about Imam Hussein (A)

Imam Hussein (A) started his journey to Karbala. Let our Kids Know under what circumstances and due to what reasons he had to make his journey towards Karbala with the help of this easy to understand animated Film on Journey of Imam Hussein (A) to Karbala.


Imam Mahdi (A), mourns for Imam Hussein (A) every day - night and day - and he weeps blood for his great grandfather, as seen from his declaration he makes in his Zeyarat al-Nahiyah:

". . . now that I could not be with you on the day of Ashura to defend you and fight off your enemies, I shall mourn you every morning and every evening, and I shall weep blood for you instead of tears . . ."

Wilayah Network presents "Safar e Karbala", a 2 hours animated film on the tragic event of Karbala in Urdu with English subtitles.

This film is based on a part of the life of Imam Hussein (A), the grandson of the Holy Prophet (A). This 2 hour animated film highlights the journey of Imam Hussein (A) from Medina to Mecca and from Mecca to Karbala and the situation of those cities during that era. This film also portrays parts of the battle of Karbala and the Martyrdom of Imam Hussein (A) and those accompanying Him.

So let our kids know what happened in Karbala, that our Imam (A) of time is weeping blood on him. This film will help our young generation in understanding the reality of the event of Karbala in a form which will leave a long lasting effect on their memories.


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