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Martyrdom of Burayr bin Khuzayr

Martyrdom of Burayr bin Khuzayr

(Tabari) Thus the battle started. Azdi says that Yusuf bin Yazeed related to me from Afeef bin Zuhayr bin Abi Akhnas, who was present at Karbala. He says that Yazeed bin Ma'qal, who was from the tribe of Bani Umayrah bin Rabi'ah, which is a branch of Bani Salimah of Abdal Qays, came forward. He told Burayr, "O Burayr bin Khuzayr! Do you see as to what Allah has done to you." Burayr replied, "By Allah! Allah has dealt fairly with me and has brought forth evil for you." Yazeed said, "You speak a lie, and you never lied before. Do you remember once when I was walking along with you in Bani Lawzan, you told me that Usman bin Affan had killed himself, while Mu'awiyah bin Abu Sufyan was a misguided man and the one who leads others astray, while the true and Righteous Imam and guide is Ali bin Abi Talib"? Burayr replied, "I bear witness that this is (still) my belief." Yazeed bin Ma'qal said, "I bear witness that you are among the astray." Then Burayr said, "Then do you desire that we imprecate one another, while invoking the curse of Allah upon the one who lies. Then the one on the right path should kill the one who is upon the wrong, and then I shall come out to fight with you."

The narrator says that both of them came out into the battlefield and lifting their hands invoked the curse of Allah upon the liar and that the righteous one should kill the evil. Then they started fighting one another. There were exchanges of swords between them, when Yazeed bin Ma'qal dealt a light and ineffective blow on Burayr. Then Burayr dealt a blow upon his head, which cut his head and reached his brain. He rolled down upon the ground like a ball, while the sword of Burayr was stuck in his head, and he was lifting it up and down to pull it out.

Then Razee bin Manqaz Abadi attacked Burayr and grappled him. Both of them struggled until Burayr threw him down and sat on his chest. Then Razee called out, "Where are my defenders"? Hearing this Ka'ab bin Jabir bin Umro Azdi advanced to assist him, when I said, "This is Burayr bin Khuzayr, the recitor of the Qur'an, who taught us the Qur'an in the Mosque." He attacked Burayr with his spear. When Burayr felt the point of the spear, he threw himself upon him and bit his nose. But Ka'ab sunk his spear into him and drew it till his heart, while the entire point of the spear entered his back. Then he hit him on the head and started attacking him with his sword until he killed him (May Allah's Mercy and Blessings be upon him).

Afeef bin Zuhayr bin Abi Akhnas says, that it is as if I see Razee, who was scattered on the ground, arising while brushing off the dust from his cloak and telling Ka'ab that, "O brother (from the clan) of Azd! You have favoured me and I shall never forget it."

Yusuf bin Yazeed says, that I asked Afeef whether he had really witnessed it with his own eyes, to which he replied that, "I have seen it with my own eyes and heard it with my own ears."

When Ka'ab bin Jabir returned back, his wife, and his sister, Nawar binte Jabir told him, "You have sided with the opponents of the son of Fatemah (A.S.), and have killed the chief of the Qur'an Recitors? By Allah! I shall never ever speak to you from now on." And Ka'ab bin Jabir recited the following couplets: "You ask regarding me and shall be informed regarding the morning of Imam Husain (A.S.), when the spears were being thrust, that did not I commit the act which you despise? When it could not be imagined that day as to what I would do, I had with me my spear, which did not falter and a white shining sword, which was sharp-edged and fierce, then I unsheathed it and attacked a group, whose Religion was not the same as mine, which was the obedience to the son of Harb, when I had not witnessed anyone similar to them in their age before them, who had fought fiercely in the battle, they are those who safeguard their honour, then they bore patiently against the spears and swords and stepped into the battlefield, I wish this had profited them, then when you meet Ubaydullah, give him this message that I am obedient to the Caliph and compliant of his words, then it is I who killed Burayr and favoured the son of Manqaz, when he called for assistance."

Martyrdom of Umro bin Qartah Ansari

Then Umro bin Qartah advanced and attacked, while defending Imam Husain (A.S.), and he was saying: "The batallion of Ansar knows that I am a protector of the territory of promise, I strike with a sharp-edged sword similar to a youth, my self and household is lowly in front of Husain."

Here Imam Husain (A.S.) is considered more than one's household, thus vilifying Umar bin Sa'ad, who while talking to Imam had said that,"My house shall be destroyed ....... etc." (as related in Section 15 of this book).

Sayyed ibne Tawoos relates, that after the martyrdom of Muslim bin Awsaja, Umro bin Qartah Ansari came forward and pleaded with Imam to permit him to go to the battlefield. When Imam permitted him, he attacked with such force, which was similar to that of the one who yearns for Paradise. Thus he strived to serve the Master of Heavens, until he killed a group of people from the army of Ubaydullah bin Ziyad. There was no arrow, which would advance towards Imam, except that he stopped it with his hands, and there was no sword which would come towards Imam, except that he took it upon himself. Then Imam did not receive any wounds until Umro was alive. When he was totally wounded, he turned towards Imam and said, "O son of the Prophet of Allah! Have I fulfilled my (duty of) obedience"? Imam replied,"Verily yes, you shall be the one to go to Paradise before me. Then offer my salutations to the Prophet of Allah (S.A.W.) and tell him that I am on my way following you."

Then Umro fought bravely until he attained martyrdom (May Allah's Mercy and Blessings be upon him).

(Tabari, Kamil) It is related that Umro's brother, Ali bin Qartah, was in the army of Umar bin Sa'ad. When he saw his brother fall, he called out, "O Husain! O liar and the son of a liar"! (Allah's refuge) "You have misguided my brother and deceived him until you killed him." Imam replied,"Allah did not mislead your brother, in fact he was bestowed with guidance, while it is you who are misguided."

The accursed said, "May Allah kill me if I do not kill you or die while struggling against you." Saying this he attacked Imam and Nafe' bin Hilal Muradi came and stood facing him. Then he attacked him with a spear and threw him upon the ground, his companions came to his rescue and took him away. Then he treated his wounds and was cured.

(Tabari) Azdi says that Nazr bin Saleh Abu Zuhayr Abasi says that when Hurr bin Yazeed went and united with Imam Husain (A.S.), a man from Bani Tameem, named Yazeed bin Sufyan said, "By Allah! If my sight falls upon Hurr, I shall kill him with my spear." When the two armies were attacking and killing one another, Hurr was attacking in the forefront, while reciting the words of Antara: "With my charger's neck and breast I will launch myself at them again and again, until (the beast is ) clothed in blood." And he was reciting the following Rajaz: "I am Hurr, a host to the guest, I strike your necks with a swift sword, in defense of the one, who has alighted at the ground of Kheef (in Mina), while I do not regret over it."

The narrator says that the tail and brows of his horse were wounded by swords, and blood was flowing through it. Haseen bin Tameem, the head of the police force of Ibne Ziyad, who had despatched him to assist Umar bin Sa'ad and made him the commander of the police under the command of Yazeed bin Sufyan, told Yazeed bin Sufyan, "This is Hurr bin Yazeed, whom you desire." He then advanced towards Hurr and said, "O Hurr bin Yazeed! Do you desire combat"? Hurr replied in the affirmative and he came towards him. Haseen said that, "By Allah! It is as if his life was in the hands of Hurr, who instantly killed him."

Hisham bin Mohammad relates from Abu Makhnaf, who says that Yahya bin Hani bin Urwah told me, that on the tenth (of Moharram), Hilal bin Nafe' was attacking, while reciting the following couplets: "I am the son of Hilal! My Religion is the Religion of Ali"! A man named Mazahim bin Hurays came towards him and said, "I am upon the Creed of Usman." Nafe' replied, "However, you are upon the creed of the shaitan", saying this he attacked him and ultimately killed him.

Then Umro bin Hajjaj turned towards the army and called out, "O foolish men! Do you know whom you have been fighting with? You are fighting the valorous Kufans, who are ready to sacrifice their lives. Thus no one should go to fight single-handedly with them, for they are only a few left and a short time remains. By Allah! Even if you attack them with mere stones, they shall perish." Then Umar bin Sa'ad said, "Verily whatever you have said is true and his opinion is accepted." Then he declared that no one should go for a single combat with them.

It is narrated that Umro bin Hajjaj advanced towards the companions of Imam Husain (A.S.) and said, "O Kufans! Hold steadfastly to those who listen to you and your community, and do not hesitate to kill the man who has turned out of the Religion and has disobeyed the Imam." Imam Husain (A.S.) said,"O Umro bin Hajjaj! Do you incite people against me? Have we turned away from the Religion, while you are steadfast upon it? By Allah! When you die with these (evils) deeds of yours, you shall then know as to who has turned away from the Religion, and who is worthy of (the fire of) hell."

Martyrdom of Muslim bin Awsaja

Then Umro bin Hajjaj attacked the right wing of the companions of Imam Husain (A.S.), along with the right wing of the army of Umar bin Sa'ad, from the side of the Euphrates and they fought for sometime. Muslim bin Awsaja Asadi was the first one among the companions of Imam Husain (A.S.) to attain martyrdom. Then Umro bin Hajjaj and his companions returned back. (Manaqib) It should be noted that Muslim bin Awsaja was the agent of Muslim bin Aqeel (A.S.) in Kufa. He was given the charge to collect the funds, buy ammunitions and accept allegiance (on behalf of Imam Husain).

Muslim fought valiantly in the battle of Karbala, while reciting the following Rajaz: "If you inquire about me, (know that) I am a male Lion, (I am) from the chiefs and notables of the branch of Bani Asad, thus the one who oppresses us has deviated from the Right Path and from the Religion of the Self Sufficient, Omnipotent (Lord)."

He fought abundantly with the enemies and forbore upon the fight of the army until he fell down.

The narrator says that when the clouds of sand sank, Muslim was seen smeared in blood. Imam Husain (A.S.) went to his head, when he was yet alive. Imam said,"May your Lord have mercy upon you, O Muslim bin Awsaja! Of the believers are the men who are true to what they covenanted with Allah, of them is he who fulfilled his vow and of them is he who awaits (its fulfillment), and they have changed not in the least" [62]

Then Habib bin Mazahir came to him and said, "It is very unpleasant for me to see you smeared in mud and blood O Muslim! May you receive the glad tidings of Paradise." Then Muslim replied in a soft voice, "May your Allah give you glad tidings of fairness too." Habib said, "If I had not known that I too would have to follow your path (of Martyrdom) and reach you, it would have been my pleasure to ask you to will to me regarding your heart's desire, until I fulfill the rights of your relatives and your co-religionists." Muslim replied, "I recommend this Master for you", he said pointing towards Imam Husain (A.S.), "then you should ransom your life over him." Habib replied, "By the Lord of Ka'bah! I shall surely do that." It was not late when he died in their hands. (May Allah's Mercy and Blessings be upon him). And one of his slave girls was heard calling out, "O son of Awsaja! O master!"

The companions of Umro bin Hajjaj applauded, "We have killed Muslim bin Awsaja." Then Shabas turned towards his associates and said, "May your mothers mourn over you! You kill yourselves with your own hands and are seperating from your ownselves for the sake of others. Then you are rejoicing because you have killed Muslim bin Awsaja? By Him in whom I believe! I have seen him (Muslim) in the battlefield with honour for the Muslims. I have seen him in the battle in the plain of Azarbayjan at the time when no Muslim had moved from the places, he had already killed six polytheists. And when such a man dies, you rejoice over it"? The murderors of Muslim bin Awsaja were Muslim bin Abdullah Zababi and Abdul Rahman bin Abi Khashkar Bajali.

Then Shimr attacked the left wing of the Imam's army. They stood in front of him and his army and pushed them back with their lances. Then Imam and his companions were attacked from all sides and Abdullah bin Umayr Kalbi, who had previously killed two men, was martyred. Hani bin Sabat Hazrami and Bukayr bin Hayy Tamimi killed him (May Allah's Mercy and Blessings be upon him) and he was the second Martyr among the companions of Imam. Then the companions of Imam fought valiantly with the Kufan army. Their horsemen, being thirty-two, attacked the Kufan army from all sides and split all of them.

It is as if Abu Tufayl says regarding them: "What an army is this, similar to the waves, similar to the powerful beasts like Leopards and Lions, there are the old, the youth and the chiefs, who are mounted upon the Horses, escaping from whose midst is very hard, when the rays of the sun sets below their standard, it's powers dims the eyes, their slogan is similar to that of the Prophet, while their standards by which Allah, the Beneficent avenges the schemers."
It is as if it is said regarding them: "Astonishment that the clear-cut swords and spears see months in the hands of this group, and they are men, and astonishment that the fire burns upon their palms even though their hands are oceans."

(Tabari) When Urwa bin Qays, who was the commander of the horsemen, saw this situation that his horses were split from all sides, he sent Abdul Rahman bin Haseen to Umar bin Sa'ad with the message that, "Do you not see that since today morning my horsemen have been dragging alongwith these little group of men? Dispatch the foot-soldiers and the archers towards them." Then Umar bin Sa'ad turned towards Shabas bin Raba'ee and said, "Will you attack Husain"? Shabas replied, "Glory be to Allah! Do you intend sending the chief of the towns and the master of the Kufans with the archers? Do you not find anyone else who could do this job"? Shabas disliked fighting Imam Husain (A.S.). Abu Zuhayr Abasi says that during the period of the caliphate of Mus'ab bin Zubayr, I heard him (Shabas) say that, "Allah will never bestow goodness upon the people of Kufa and will not reach them towards felicity. It is not surprising that we fought in the ranks of Ali bin Abi Talib (A.S.) and after him with his son (Imam Hasan) against the children of Abu Sufyan for five years. Then we pounced upon his son Husain, who was the best from among the dwellers of the earth, and we fought against him in the ranks of the children of Mu'awiyah and the son of Sumayyah, the adulteress. Disgrace, and what a disgrace"!

Then Umar bin Sa'ad called for Haseen bin Tameem and dispatched him with the foot soldiers and five hundred archers. They proceeded further until they reached Imam Husain (A.S.) and his companions. Then they shot their arrows towards them and impoverished their horses and all of them came on foot.

Azdi says that Nameer bin Wahlah relates from Ayyub bin Mashrah Haywanee, that he always said that, "By Allah! I was the one who impoverished the horse of Hurr bin Yazid. I shot an arrow which pierced it's belly, it gave a cry and rolled up itself (on the ground). Suddenly Hurr charged like a Lion and leapt upon them with his sword in hand saying: "Even though you have cut off the legs of my horse, I am more valorous than a male lion." By Allah! I have not seen anyone like him, who inflicted the ranks." The chiefs of his clan asked him, "Have you killed Hurr"? He replied, "No, by Allah! I have not killed him. Rather another person had killed him and I did not desire killing him." Abu Wadak asked him the reason, to which he replied, "For he was included among the devout men. By Allah! If this deed of mine be a sin, then if I have to go to the presence of Allah with the responsibility of injury and presence in the army it is easy, than that I go to his presence with the sin of their murder upon my neck." Abu Wadak said, "You too shall go to the presence of Allah with the sin of their murder. Then tell me, that if you pursued one of their horses and shot an arrow towards another, then you stood facing them and repeated this act of yours numerous times, and you encouraged your fellow army-men. Then if you were attacked and you had to flee away while some of your companions followed your example, resulting in the collaboration of you all with them in their murder, then all of you are equal partners in their blood."

Nameer said, "O Abu Wadak! You are disheartening us from the mercy of Allah. Then on the day of Qiyamah if you had been in charge of our accounts, may Allah not forgive you if you do not forgive us."

It is better that we relate regarding them: "Does this nation desire the intercession of the Grandfather (of Husain) on the day of Qiyamah after having murdered Husain, no never, by Allah! They will find no intercessor and they will be engulfed in the wrath in Qiyamah." (Tabari) They fought with them valiantly until the noon. The Kufan army could not attack from any other side accept one, because their tents were joint together. When Umar bin Sa'ad saw this, he ordered his men to attack the tents from the left and right sides, to dig them up and surround them. Three four persons from among the companions of Imam Husain (A.S.) stood up to guard the tents. Then they would attack the invaders from in between the tents and whoever would come to dig the tent or plunder it, would be killed or they would shoot an arrow and injure him. Then Umar bin Sa'ad ordered, "Do not go near the tents, nor dig or plunder them, rather burn them." Then they burnt the tents and held back their hands from digging or plundering them. Imam Husain (A.S.) said,"Let them burn the tents, for if they do so, the fire will act as a prevention against them."

It happened as said, and a group of them fought with them from one side.

(Tabari) The wife of (Abdullah bin) Umayr Kalbi ran out into the battlefield and sat at the head of her husband (who was already martyred, as has been related earlier) cleaning the dust from him, and said, "May Paradise be pleasant for you." When Shimr saw her, he commanded his retainer named Rustam, "Hit her upon the head." He dealt a blow upon her head which split open, and she attained martyrdom at that very spot. (May Allah's Mercy and Blessings be upon her).

Then Shimr bin Ziljawshan attacked until he reached a particular tent of Imam Husain (A.S.) and striking it with his lance said, "Bring me fire, so that I may burn it along with what it contains." Hearing this womenfolk started shrieking and came out of the tents in panic. Then Imam Husain (A.S.) called out in a loud voice saying,"O son of Ziljawshan! Do you ask for fire to be brought so as to burn the tent along with my family? May Allah burn you in the fire (of hell)."

Azdi says that Sulayman bin Abi Rashid relates from Hameed bin Muslim that he said, that I told Shimr bin Ziljawshan, "Glory be to Allah! This does not suit you. Do you desire tasting the wrath of Allah by killing the children and ladies? By Allah! The commander will be pleased with you only with the killing of the men." Then Shimr asked me as to who I was. And I said, "I shall not disclose who I am." I said this, for by Allah, I feared lest he would malign me in the presence of the sovereign. Then a man came to him, whose orders he obeyed more than of Shabas bin Rabee', and said, "I have not heard a more evil speech from you before, nor have I seen a more degraded situation that you have placed yourself in. Then have you now started frightening the women"? I saw that hearing this Shimr was ashamed of himself and retreated back. Then Zuhayr bin Qayn attacked him and his companions with a group of his ten companions until they had pushed them away from the tents and they went far away, and they killed Abu Uzrah Zababi, one of the companions of Shimr, seeing this the entire army attacked them putting them to loss. Many of the companions of Imam started falling down, and if one or two of them fell it (their loss) would be easily visible, while those of the enemies would not, because of their large numbers.

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