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The world is like a market

Imam Hadi (a.s.) said:

الدُّنْيا سُوْقٌ رَبِحَ فِيها قَوْمٌ وَ خَسِرَ آخَرُونَ

The world is a market in which some gain and some lose.

Tuhaful Uqul, page 361


Brief Description

This world is neither man’s main home, nor his permanent residence . Rather it is a great house of commerce to which man is sent . He is given a capital in the form of his life span , physical and mental powers , guidance and intelligence , so that he may use these to accumulate valuable provisions to take back for his eternal prosperity and everlasting life.

Those who are active, diligent, vigilant, hard-working and far sighted know the tricks of this great commerce. They do not relent for a moment , always on the look out for opportunities to trade their temporary worldly goods to earn precious heavenly goods, merchandise with an eternal shelf life, and a bright destiny for themselves as well as their society. Unlike the losers, they do not spend their capital on futile , transitory and destructive worldly pursuits which result in leaving the world empty handed.

source : erfan.ir
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