Thursday 28th of May 2020

Decide Wages before Hiring

One day, Imam Reza (‘a) went with his friend Suleman ibn e Jafar for some work out of town. They returned at sunset and the Imam invited Suleman to stop over for the night. He accepted. As soon as they entered the exterior of the house, the Imam (‘a) saw all his serving men busy in the garden, planting, weeding, mowing and watering the flower- beds. The Imam (‘a) noticed a stranger working besides them.
He called one of his workers and asked, ‘Who is that person?’
The man replied, ‘He is a person we hired for the day to finish all the work quickly.’
‘Good. What wages did you hire him on?’
‘We thought of paying him his due after the work was done.’
The Imam (‘a) suddenly looked very annoyed. Displeasure was written all over his face.
Sulaiman felt he would severely punish his men. He came closer and asked,’ What is it that has made you so depressed and angry?’
‘Sulaiman, I have told these people time and again, to hire a person only after deciding the day’s wages. It is unwise to hire a person without knowing what he would wish to earn at the end of the day’s work. If the wages are decided, one can pay him a little more if he has worked well. That will please him and he will leave your place happy and grateful, and always be willing to work for you in future. You will both be pleased with each other. Even if paid what was decided at the beginning, he will be satisfied. However, if the wages are not mutually agreed upon, no matter what you give him, he will not be grateful at all, in fact, he is bound to feel he deserved more than he received.’

امتیاز شما به این مطلب ؟

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