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Hadrat Salman and the Prophets

There are astounding parallels between the life of Salman and the lives of three great prophets, viz., Abraham, Joseph son of Jacob, and Muhammed Mustafa the son of Abdullah, may Allah bless them all.
Abraham defied his father who was an idolater; Salman defied his father who was a fire-worshipper; and Muhammed Mustafa defied the Quraysh of Makkah who were polytheists. The reason for this defiance by all three of them was the same, viz., their faith in the Oneness of their Creator. Their pure faith as monotheists made conflict with the polytheists inevitable.
To all three of them, the lands of their birth proved to be inhospitable because of their faith, and all three of them had to forsake them. Abraham migrated from Iraq to Canaan (Palestine) and to Makkah; Salman migrated from Persia to Syria and to Yathrib; and Muhammed Mustafa migrated from Makkah to Medina. Each of them found his destiny in the land of his adoption.
Salman arrived in Yathrib many years before the arrival of Muhammed Mustafa in that city. For all those years, he was harassed, tormented and overworked by a pitiless, wanton and sadistic master, and he did not know a day of peace.
During the ten years before his migration to Yathrib, Muhammed Mustafa was also subject to harassment and persecution in Makkah by the pagans, and he too did not know a day of peace.
Thus, in the time-frame, the period of the persecution of Muhammed Mustafa by the Quraysh coincided with the period of the persecution of Salman by a Jew. They were both being persecuted at the same time

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