Monday 27th of June 2022
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The day of Ashura is a glorious day for truth and freedom. Ashura is a model for every day of our lives, and the martyres of that day are the forerunners and teachers for all the martyrs in the way of truth.

One of the self sacrificing yound men of that day was called Wahab. He too gave his life for his Imam (a.s) and for the true teachings of the Qur'an, and provided a lesson on martyrdom to all sincere youths of all times and places. Wahab was in his tent when his mother entered. She was obviously flustered and nervous; she said to her son:

"Wahab! what are you waiting for? Don't you know that Yazid's forces have surrounded your Imam (a.s)? Rise and defend your Imam (a.s). Rise and defend the Qur'an, freedom and honour. If you want me to be happy and pleased with you, rise and give your blood for the sake of your religion."

Wahab was already busy putting on his clothes and armour for the battlefield. He quickly finished and made his farewells to his mother and to his young wife. He ran to the battlefield with the permission of al-Imam al-Husayn (a.s)

Wahab fought like a valiant lion and his sword fell on the heads of the enemy like lightening. But the day was hot and soon he became more thirsty and tired. He withdrew from the battle to rest for a while, and seeing his mother standing and watching the battle alongside one of the tents, he rushed to her side. She kissed the bleeding face of her son, and said:

"My son, I was watching you, but rest is not permissible. Our Imam's (a.s) helpers are few; return to the battlefield and either defeat the enemy or be martyred in the presence of your Imam (a.s). Only in this case I will be content with you and pray for you. Go now, my brave son."

With this encouragement, and after seeing his mother and wife, just once more for the last time, Wahab returned to the battlefield with an ardent desire for martyrdom. An enemy sword fell on his arm and wounded him. Watching from afar, his mother let out an involuntary groan. She picked up a stick and hurried to defend her son. Wahab's young wife also saw what had happened and she too rushed off to help him. She arrived at his side to find him lying, with blood spurting from his deep wound.

Wahab's wife wanted only to defend her husband and play her part in defending the religion. While taking care of her wounded husband, she too was attacked by the enemy troops and was martyred.

Defending Islam and the Qur'an is obligatory on both men and women. When necessary, Muslim women must learn shooting and other techniques of warfare. They must learn first aid and the art of nursing and attending on the injured. They are to be ever vigilant guardians of the Islamic homelands and honour.

In Iran, the brave Muslim women in Islamic Hijab (dress) followed the instructions of their great leader and took part in the demonstrations that freed the country. These freedom-loving women wearing their modest Islamic dress entered decisively into arena, and with the cry of Allahu Akbar on their lips they toppled down the imperial palace itself.

These Muslim women, following the instructions of Islam and observing Islamic Hijab in accordance with the Islamic teachings, cooperated with the men and delivered their country from the grip of traitors. Today, the Muslim women of Iran are playing an important role in all the organizations of the country.

These are the women who raised in the enviroment of Islam. Islam wants women to be veiled, to wear plain clothes in public, to keep their beauty and their adornments for their husbands and families, to avoid unnecessary contacts with men who are not mahram (with whom marriage is not permitted) and to maintain in this way their dignity and respect.

Allah tells us in the Qur'an that the believing women must not gaze at men who are not mahram and must hide from their bodies and hair. The women brought up in Islamic enviroment can grow spiritually and turn into brave defenders of Islam, the Qur'an, dignity and honour. They can play an impotant role in freeing and developing the great Islamic nation.



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