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In the Holy Qur'an, Allah Ta'ala has time and again emphasized the requirement of every muslim to say his prayers. In Sura-e-Ma'oon Allah says "Woe unto those who do not say their prayers regularly, and pray only to be seen by others!"

Let us see how Zuhr prayers were said in Kerbala. When the time for Zuhr prayers came most of the companions of Imaam Hussain lay dead. They had been killed in the three battles which had taken place since sunrise. Now there were only about fifteen companions left in addition to the members of the family who numbered about eighteen. These 33 stood up to say Zuhr prayers and Imaam Hussain stood in front of them to lead the prayers.



Just then the enemy began to shoot arrows. This made it very difficult for Imaam Hussain to lead prayers. Imaam told his companions that he would lead "Namaaz-e-Khauf", which meant that some would join in the prayers and half way they would read salaam and terminate their prayers, and then others would come in. This would give everyone a chance to say prayers in jama'at. behind the Imaam. The problem, however, was how to protect the Imaam from the arrows. Two companions stepped forward and begged Imaam to let them stand in front of him and act as a shield. They insisted upon this and the Imaam finally agreed.

These two brave men were Zuhair Ibne Qain and Saeed Ibne Abdullah. They performed their prayers first and then when Imaam began Jama'at prayers they stood up in front of him. Every time an arrow was shot at Imaam they put forward their own bodies and this way stopped the arrows from hitting Imaam

Let us imagine the scene. Imaam Hussain is leading the prayers, Zuhair and Saeed are standing in front of him. The natural human instinct is that when a man sees anything flying towards him, he ducks to avoid it. Here are two men who not only do not duck but actually put forward their bodies to intercept the arrows. By the time the prayers had finished, 38 arrows had hit Zuhair Ibne Qain and 52 arrows had hit Saeed Ibne Abdullah. It was by sheer will to serve their Imaam and Islam they kept themselves alive. When the Imaam recited the last salaam "Assalaamu 'Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahu wa Barakaatuh", these two great heroes of Kerbala fell.

When Imaam Hussain went up to them and said "My friends, you have given your lives for something most beloved to Allah, the salaah!". Imaam then raised his hands and prayed, "O Allah! I am proud to commend to You the souls of my two companions who gave their lives for salaah. Please, Allah, grant them Your Rahmah." Every one present called out "Aameen!", and it is said that "Aameen" could be heard from the angels in the sky.




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